Voodoo Saddle V4 - March 28, 2014

We got our pilot run of the new Version 4 Voodoo Saddles back from anodizing today. We’ve removed the pin system and went with a simple cup to hold the ball end, smoothed and rounded the surfaces but left the texture as close to “off the machine” as possible to preserve the mechanical bespoke look. The first sets will ship to Tokyo next week and will be installed on all Z-series and Prima Artist basses going forward.

Voodoo Saddle V4 photo 4 e Voodoo Saddle V4 photo 3 e


  1. Bxious says:

    Well, have to say it: this saddle looks sexy. The priettiest one I’ve ever seen.

  2. Paul says:

    Looks good but why the change?

    I’ve never had a bass with the pin system. It seemed like a good feature to me because I often like to twist the low B string if the wrap has a rattle or if it sounds a bit dull.

    It looks like the pin system would ensure that the string would not spin back to its original position while retuning, as it often happens.

  3. sheldon says:

    Hi Paul,

    Several reasons for the change including aesthetics, sourcing and manufacturing/fixturing. The ball can still be spun and then held under tension while tuning to pitch although you may need an extra pair of hands to do this. A small wooden shim could also be used to keep the ball from rotating.