Super J Headstock Design

Headstock design – Flat, counter bored, scalloped.

I watched an endorser receive a bass from another company once.  His tech brought it to him, he strapped it on, took his hands off of it and jumped up and down a bit then said, “It’s too heavy, send it back.” He never played a note.

Not everyone is this extreme, but it taught me a good lesson on the importance of balance.

The Super J headstock was designed to not only look great and fit with the body design, but to be the lightest traditional design headstock available.

The most distinctive feature of the Super J headstock is the scallop. The scallop serves two functions. 1. It reduces headstock mass slightly. 2. It defines a three dimensional Hot Rod style flame on the bottom edge of the headstock. The Super J follows the spirit of the original American Hot Rods. Strip it down to its raw components and build it back up to perform better than the original designers could have ever envisioned.

Building on the success of the shortened and counter bored Afterburner tuners, I designed a traditional meets modern boutique headstock for the Super J. Because the longer traditional headstock caused a reduction in downward string angle on the furthest tuner, we designed a new tuner that had the capability to direct the string below the headstock surface to increase the break angle slightly.

The end result of all this effort was weight savings of well over 100 grams. That’s nearly the weight of two tuners.