Super J 5 with a cool combination of traditional and modern. - October 3, 2013

We’re really liking the wenge/wenge neck combination lately for it’s snappy response and tone. Normally you would only see this on a modern style bass. I think it looks really cool on the more traditional Super J though.SJ5S BK WP 2B wenge wenge blocks e SJ5 wenge headstock e


  1. joe falconeri says:

    This looks awesome, I wonder how wenge would sound on the super p?

  2. sheldon says:

    It sounds pretty darn awesome. The pink P seen on FB recently had a wenge neck.

  3. Cameron Hood says:

    Devastating as always, Sheldon…

  4. Gerry Bradley says:

    I want one!! I love your basses, after I played a Dingwall I sold my Warwick and have been wanting a Dingwall.

  5. Nico says:

    So how much does the neck wood affect the tone in Dingwalls?

  6. sheldon says:

    Quite a bit. More so with the Afterburners because their necks are longer.

  7. Eric Riddell says:

    Dearest Sheldon,

    As I posted on FB – truly STELLAR!!! A PERFECT conflation of “now & then” – PLUS , the bass is just plain freakin’ GORGEOUS!!! :-D
    (… maybe, someday, I can afford to be a patron of DINGWALL and be the deeply proud custodian of a bass just like this one!!!)

    Truly warmest regards,

  8. Paul Madigan says:

    I just talked to Barry last week and ordered a SP5 3-tone burst with this neck/fingerboard combination. Anticipa………….tion.


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