Prima Artist Pickups

The Prima Artist pickups feature an FD-3 treble coil with a custom wound bass coil. The coils are noise-symetric/tone-asymetric, which means they maintain near-perfect noise rejection with increased low-end clarity. The pickups are installed into wooden shells cut from the actual top and contrast layer of the body that they will be installed in. They are truly one of a kind pickups made in our shop in Canada.

Their tone can best be described as the best of a vintage J and P, but with the most clear and punchy lows possible. It’s impossible to imagine the power and clarity of the lows of these pickups. They have to be heard to be believed.

The Prima Artist pickups feature 4-lead wiring which enables the internal coils to be wired in either series for strong mids and high output or parallel for scooped mids and normal output. The Prima Artist bass features individual series/parallel switches so that the player can access these tones at the flick of a switch.