Lee Sklar

"The best 5-string bass I've ever played."
Check out Lee Sklar’s
signature Dingwall bass.

Jon Burr

Jon has toured and recorded with many great jazz masters, including Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Horace Silver, Hank Jones, Art Farmer, Stephane Grappelli (from 1986-1997), Sir Roland Hanna, Dorothy Donegan, and Buddy Rich. From 1980 – 1985 he toured with Tony Bennett; he has also worked with Lainie Kazan, Rita Moreno, Barbara Cook, Eartha Kitt, among others. Jon has played a Dingwall Voodoo Prima since 1996.


Dale Peters

(The James Gang)
"The 'Super J' is an amazing instrument! Fantastic sound and lightning fast playability. The build quality is the best I’ve seen for a production instrument. Sheldon and his crew are the best!”

Patrick Laplan

Patrick is one of the most in demand rock bassists in Brazil. Patrick gets all the cool gigs. Check out some of his photos.


Breen Leboeuf

(April Wine)
“Sheldon Dingwall and his team created this beautiful Afterburner II with such craftsmanship that I have a hard time putting it down.”


Craig Nelson

Nashville session bassist and artist.
Craig has recorded sessions with many artists including Amy Grant, The Judds, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, and Randy Travis.


Earl Pereira

Bassist for one of the greatest bands to come out of Canada in the last decade: Wide Mouth Mason. Earl has been using Dingwall basses exclusively since 1999.


Hank Insell

“When I use the Dingwall live I can feel the floor move, the energy of the crowd just skyrockets!”

Al Niblock

Bassist for The Commitments (yes the movie!) Al has been a Dingwall endorser since 2001.”Thanks again for a beautiful bass and for looking after me when I called in. I must tell you, I just love the Dingwall, Its so in tune that at first I thought it was out……seriously……. At the moment I am enjoying how easy the bass is to play.”

Carl Carter

Ex-bassist for Brian McKnight, Carl currently plays for Spin Doctors, Jiro Yoshida, Chuck Loeb among others. Carl has been a Dingwall endorser since 1999. He has a great solo CD called “This Day” and is touring extensively.


Arlington Houston

Arlington is a talented Bay Area player who has been playing a Dingwall Z1 5-string since 2000. Check out Arlington’s outstanding Jazz CD “Cool Casual”.”I am really enjoying the new Dingwall FD-3 pickups, they make play in the style of my early 70’s funk and soul fusion days. These pickups have that vintage “Throwback” style of the very early Marcus Miller Fender jazz tone.”


Ross Vallory

“The extra string length makes a big difference.”

Mark Fain

(Ricky Skaggs, Loretta Lynn)
“It’s the only 5-string bass that Ricky likes and Ricky is very picky about bass.”

Prescott Niles

(The Knack)
“Thanks for the coolest bass!”

Scott Petito

Scott takes bass where it’s never been before on his CD “Sbass Music:. Textural, emotional, spatial, at times even eerie.


Paul Slagle

Dingwall basses are the finest instruments I have.
I own other basses...
I play the Dingwalls

Suzie Vinnick


J. Langlois

(Sin’s Den)
“I’m tuned a full step down and it used to be really hard to get a decent sound out of a low A. My Dingwall’s low A sounds better than most low B’s out there. The sound is meaty, clear and defined and the neck profile is out of this world.”


Micah Vasquez

“I was introduced to Dingwall, luckily, by my bass intructor John Reid early in my career. Ever since then I have never wanted to play another bass.”

Mike Brignardello

“The most in-tune bass I’ve ever played…I love it!”

John Reid

“I’ve been playing Dingwall basses for more years now than I can count. They’re the best out there in my opinion. Many of my students have become Dingwall devotees from seeing and hearing mine in their lessons. My new Super J 5 is a masterful combination of old school vibe and new school technology. It sounds, feels, looks, and plays great! Sheldon and the team’s workmanship is impeccable on every bass they make.”


Julia Newton

“I have been playing bass for the last 10 years or so in everything from the high school Jazz band to a Strings Ensemble and an Orchestra; from Rock and Roll worship at youth events to the Pop music of today.
My number one bass is a Dingwall Afterburner II. It’s the best sounding bass I’ve heard, and the best feeling bass I’ve played.”


Alberto Rigoni

"Someone said: "It's a long way to the top". Well, if you get a Dingwall it's not! Low B (and A!!) to DIE FOR, perfect balance between the strings, unbelievable sustain, HUGE tone... and the Fanned Fret System is so cool.. I got used to it in 5 minutes! Now I can play much better and faster than on a standard bass! Dingwall is the best bass I've ever had and I'm proud to be the first italian endorser! Thanks for making them,
Sheldon!! They are truly revolutionary!"


Macleod Reynolds

When I first picked up a Dingwall I was absolutely stunned at the craftsmanship and found the intuitive fanned fret design to be incredibly comfortable. I love the bright tone of my Combustion and cant argue with the price. Needless to say, I was hooked. By far one of the most comfortable and balanced 5 string basses I have ever played. I have been playing mine for years and have never looked back!


Justin Lamey

The B - string definitely lives up to the hype, but I think my favorite part of these instruments is how even the tone is string to string and through out the whole neck. I'm playing areas of the neck now that I used to avoid due to the muddy sound. The wide range of tones allows me to play this bass on any style of gig and the weight and balance make it very easy to play night after night.


Lisa Dodd

"The Z Series basses are simply the most natural feeling basses I have ever played... a perfect fit."


Felipe Gomez


Bertrand Allaume

"The Dingwall Z2 is definitely the greatest bass I've ever played. I can use it in all situations (stage, recording studio) and for all styles of music (from progressive rock to jazz fusion, blues, funk, etc...). The sound is always perfect and well balanced."


Or Lubianiker

The dynamic range, definition and even response of my Dingwall allows me to feel in control of my basses' presence in any musical situation, I can be confident that I will cut through the mix with a balanced punchy tone, just how I like it.


Jase Sng

The Dingwall concept is quite frankly a clear solution to any reservations one might have about owning a bass with a B string; think deep, detailed & functional to the highest position on the fretboard. & then there's the true allure of proprietary hardware, sensible design & magnificent, versatile sound.


Adam “Nolly” Getgood

"My Dingwalls breezed through a real trial-by-fire as their first live test, going from the UK's cold to extreme heat and humidity in the Philippines: not even a hint of neck movement and the live tone was absolutely jaw-dropping - now I know how good those low strings sound I feel embarrassed about all the shows I've played prior to having them! If you're playing downtuned music, you owe it to yourself to try them out - I guarantee you'll be blown away"


Ryan Wilson

Bassist and back-up vocalist for Mishka.


Chris Clark

I found Dingwall several years ago and since then I have played nothing else. Their combustion basses never cease to impress. Whatever genre you play in, the combustion delivers the goods. They are the ultimate in clarity, flexibility, tone and looks. They are how basses should be.


Matthew McGuire-Dennis

"Sheldon & Co. have created a truly unique bass design over at Dingwall, the most obvious aspect of which is their use of the Novax fanned-fret system; in addition to being visually striking it creates perfectly even and light string tension with uncannily accurate intonation throughout the neck.

"I've played a lot of high end basses in my career but few have garnered as much praise, either sonically or visually, as my Dingwall."


Alessandro Stellano

The moment I had my hands on my ABZ5 I knew my means of expression had just been increased, the feeling was immediate!
Now every time I play, no matter what kind of music, I get the same question: how can you keep the sound always so nice and clear? The whole answer is just in the Dingwall concept: powerful, light and versatile.
These are the key strengths of a great instrument I'm very happy to play.


Riq Turner

I've been playing my Dingwall Afterburner II exclusively now for 12 years. Ambush plays over 150 Live shows a year so you know it's built to last. My Afterburner II has seen 14 countries and 7 provinces across Canada. It never lets me down. Your music is art and your instrument should be too. Bring the passion and excitement back to your playing. Play the best bass guitars in the world. Play Dingwall.

Zachary Moll of Colossus

Every 5-string bass I’ve played falls short of my Dingwall. The fanned frets and increased scale length allow me to play at extremely low tunings, but still retain a clear and precise note. Dingwall basses have a unique character to their sound; a solid, metallic tone that adds an entirely new element to the low end in our live performances and recordings. Also, the playability is incredible. It feels natural playing on fanned frets. If you tune low, play a Dingwall.

Shinji Segawa

Yuzo Oka

Tomoya Tachikawa

Hajime Hirose

Dan Veall

Pro bassist
Guitar Interactive Magazine Columnist & Reviewer (Bass)
BassChat Community Administrator & Blogger
Music Teacher & Workshop Leader


Eddy Far

Athens Greece

Alex Milovic

Until I found Dingwall there was not a single bass that felt and sounded right for me. As soon as I picked up the combustion I felt at home. The ergonomic shape fits like no other. The multi scale design gives thunderous, clear lows while keeping the high notes nice and sweet. There isn’t anything quite like a Dingwall, you’ll just have to play one to understand!

Derek Blakely


Chris Gregson


Glen Mollen

(Circus Maximus)
"Throughout my bass playing career I rarely have mind blowing experiences when it comes to picking up new basses.
First time sitting down with the Combustion model gave me just that. Playability and tone was jaw dropping."


Bobby Fernandez

I have been playing bass for a long time and nothing compares to Dingwall Basses. From the minute I played my first Dingwall I knew I had found the Answer to my tone quest. Flawless craftsmanship and jaw dropping tone are just two of the many qualities you will love in Dingwall Basses.


Lu - qbo - Mexico

(Musician - Audio Engineer)
"Outstanding low end, well balanced , incredible tone, look and craftsmanship. Dingwall has it all, just everything I was looking for. I'm here to stay."


Pedro Vera

When I first discovered Dingwall basses , I was extremely blown away by their great designs and beautiful esthetics and remember saying, “ I need to definitely try one of these incredible basses.” When I finally had one of these jewels in my hands, I felt hooked instantly ; The shape and its components are beautiful and comfortable, but that was not all - I was amazed because it gave me an aggressive and powerful tone. It's high quality sound was exactly what I was looking for years. Without a doubt getting one of the Dingwall Basses was one of my best decisions to date.

Andy Seward

Andy Seward is an electric/double bass player, record producer and recording engineer from the Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire, England. Probably best know for his work with folk superstar Kate Rusby, recording and mixing her seminal records, including her mercury nominated album Sleepless and as the double bass/banjo player in her live band. He has also worked extensively with virtuoso guitarist Martin Simpson, producing his critically acclaimed albums True Stories (2007), Purpose and Grace (2011) and playing bass in his trio and big band. Other people Andy has worked with include Eddi Reader, John Tams, Phillip Selway (Radiohead), John McCusker (Mark Knopfler), Richard Thompson, Roddy Woomble, Ade & Ella Edmondson, Billy Connolly, Kris Drever, Chris Wood, Andy Cutting, Jonny Dickinson, Maggie Boyle, Coope,Boyes & Simpson, Tim O’Brien, Danny Thompson, Heidi Talbot, Patrick Street, Breabach, Barrule, Ewen Caruthers and many others.

Henny Vrienten

Henny Vrienten is the bass player of Doe Maar (which is Dutch for ‘go right ahead’ or ‘you do that’), the most popular band in Holland in the early eighties. Often referred to as the Dutch Beatles, the group disbanded in 1984, fallen victim to its own success. A few band reunions have followed since, after the first one in 2000. Henny Vrienten has played Dingwall basses since 2008.

Claudio Rocha

As a session player and sideman from Sao Paulo, Claudio is best known as the bassist for the "Brazilian Idol” TV show and for touring with Disney Brazil's High School Musical - A Seleção. His studio work can be found in the records of top brazilian artists including Claudia Leitte, Daniel, and many others.

“When i first picked up a Dingwall, I was amazed by the low B tone and the great definition. Owning a Dingwall was one of the best choices in my career"


Naoki Haji

DINGWALL has drastically changed my perception towards bass instruments. It has a LowB/clear sound, and when playing it, it leaves behind a ring similar to that of a piano.
The vast amount of sounds that can be created and the quality of the distortion effects are just few of the reasons why this instrument will suffice the needs of a band without having to stick to a particular genre.
To me, everything about this bass was new and revolutionary, but at the same time, wonderful. A bass that is complete and refined beyond all others, to me, is the definition of a DINGWALL bass.



ERIC MARTIN(MR.BIG)、亀田誠治(東京事変)に絶賛されたスキルとセンスを武器にベースの新しい個性にチャレンジする次世代ピック弾きべーシスト。
次世代スーパーべーシストプロジェクト「PROJECT B.」メンバー。
The word “Next-generation Bass” is right for this bass. The design is very futuristic, the sustain is long as the piano. Frets are small and the body is very light. Very easy to play.
I’m so happy to get this bass.


Dino Ivelja


Chris Sorenson

Band: Saosin

I think Dingwall bridges the gaps between a true players bass and a bass i actually want to be seen on stage with.


Lauri Silvonen

Bassist for Wolfheart

"I just love my Dingwall - it has proven itself both in the studio and on the road every time. That extra length truly makes a difference with low tunings. Dingwall bass is a superb tool and their customer service is also top notch. I believe a Dingwall to be the best bass for playing in Wolfheart!"


Michael Spencer

Christian Sturgess

I am immensely proud to be a part of this wonderful company! From the first time I saw one of their basses, to the day my first NG2 arrived, I have been a devoted supporter and player of the stunning bass guitars they make. Thank you to everyone at Dingwall for supporting my playing and continued bass adventures!


Otto Schimmelpenninck

Bassist for dutch metal band Delain since 2010. “In the first month of gigging with my Combustion I’ve had more compliments on my sound than in the 10 years before. Dingwall rules!”

Ka Wang

Ka Wang is the bassist of EMERGING FROM THE COCOON, one of the most famous death metal/deathcore bands in Taiwan. He’s known for his raging performance style, booming bass sound and outstanding playing skill among the fans and the Asia band scene.
Most of the songs of EMERGING FROM THE COCOON is in low A standard tune. We’ve been searching for a long time for solid and attacking sound which we thought is essential for expressing the deep emotions and dynamics in our music. We won’t compromise with low resolution of riffs just for boosting low frequencies while trying not to use the thick strings which decline the expressions and dynamics.
Dingwall NG2 is featured with multiscale design with 5th string's scale lengthened to 37 inches and built-in Darkglass Tone Capsule preamp. All the features allow Ka Wang to reach the balance between heaviness and solidness when playing low tune riffs and breakdowns. In the same time, NG2’s saturated mid frequencies and appropriated high frequencies bring the sound of bass pierces out and cooperates perfectly with drummer’s grooving. To sum up, Dingwall NG2 is the perfect low sound axe for both Ka Wang and EMERGING FROM THE COON.


Rich Hinks Annihilator / Aeon Zen

Rich is the bassist and producer/songwriter for Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator and founder of UK progressive metal band Aeon Zen. He also runs a production and mixing/mastering studio in the UK.

"Playing Dingwall basses has made my life so much easier. Touring with Annihilator puts high demands on any instrument and the Combustions have matched that and then some! They also have an ease of playing that allows me to push the bar with Aeon Zen without limitations.
As soon as I started playing Dingwalls, the amount of requests I get for session recordings and tone production has doubled too.
So do yourself a favour and get your hands on one!"



Mitsuru is the bassist and sound producer/ songwriter for Japanese Hobby Metal band KIBA OF AKIBA.,also the back-up bassist for Japanese Metal Band Crystal Lake.In addition, He participate in the various works for the bassist and sound producer/ songwriter .

“I search for the bass, the novel design and the solid sound, so I reached the DINGWALL. I am very satisfied with everything. Thanks for the chance to meet DINGWALL. “


Garry Lalonde


John is the bass player and Chorus of Japanese Metal Core Band “Paledusk”.
The band is only 2 years old, but they've played shows with Periphery, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Sylar and NAPOLEON. Paledusk is an upcoming band!