Dingwall Collective

Ivan Carranza

“This instrument is in a whole different league than what other brands have to offer by the same prince range and truly lets me express myself as the playability is not an obstacle. The light weight is also a bonus. At only 7.5 lbs. I can play it for long sessions without worrying about my shoulders or back.”

Ivan is also a contributor for the bass website “Bass Players United” (www.bassplayersunited.com)



Matt Silverman

“The “Combustion” is hands down the best bass for the value. The tone, looks, clarity, flexibility and workmanship are hands down mind blowing at times. I sold my entire collection and solely use Dingwall basses in the studio and live. I finally found what I always thought a bass should be. The COMBUSTION ROCKS!”

The Pattern Interrupt


Markus Raipio

“Dingwall Combustion basses are just phenomenal when it comes to playability and tone. These bass guitars just kick serious ass with low-string pitch definition, clarity, and richness that’s unlike anything else I have ever heard before. This is also my first time using 37″ B string (down tuned of course) and I can tell you that the sound is just addictive whether your using Combustion in the studio or live it just delivers and does it extremely well too.”


 Dustin Samplessm eDustin Samples

“It’s not just the multiscale design; it’s every detail of these basses. Fret wire, knobs, saddles, Allen wrenches, magnetic battery compartment—you name it, Sheldon has thought of it. His ‘form follows function’ designs and simple solutions to complex problems make his basses a joy to interact with. These days, I play a lot with Pat McGee, who had Lee Sklar on his latest record. I got a huge kick of bringing my Dingwall and hearing the guys say, ‘Hey, that’s the type of bass Lee plays!’ Ha! What can you say to that but, Hell yeah it is!!!







David Bressy
“Powerful, lightweight, versatile. I’ve always been looking for these three features in a bass, and Dingwall is the all in one every bassist deserves. It’s like a natural extension of my body, easy to play, perfectly shaped, precise : that bass is literally cutting through the mix. Perfect for downtuned music, my live sound is on top of the world now. We wanted a “floor-moving-bass-sound” in my band, we got served ! It’s the best bass I’ve ever played, a true masterpiece, thanks to Sheldon and his team.”


Paul Challinor
I was actually shopping for an amplifier when I first spotted a Dingwall for the first time and wanted to know what the deal was with those frets! I tried a 4 string ABZ and I was HOOKED! I’m an all-out rock player at heart and the tone was right there with no messing around. Just plug in and play. A few months later I bought my Blackburst ABZ4 and never looked back. Roll on 2015 and for another project I found myself needing that lower register – and the only bass I even considered was the Combustion NG-2. I never even trialled any others! The combination of the Darkglass electronics driving a big old-school valve amplifier is nothing short of earth shaking. The NG-2 is a seriously good instrument. Aesthetically unique, great ergonomics and a hugely versatile EQ, …and that B string! Nolly Getgood and Sheldon have got this instrument bang on. Simply awesome.

Photo by Keavey Henshaw