NAMM 2013 preview. - January 21, 2013

The NAMM show is this week. We’ll be hanging out at the Hipshot booth #5733. I’ll have two new basses to show. An Afterburner XXX and a Super P 4. The 4 of course debuted last spring in Frankfurt. This will be the first time in North America. We’ve made a lot of refinements to the SP4 including a wider nut and 3D contouring on the headstockand. We are really happy with the results.

The ABXXX is a cross pollination between an Afterburner and a Z3.  This one introduces a few new features including a wenge/wenge neck, 3-band eq and the new Ferrari yellow color. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

ABIII Yellow 1

ABII full shot eSP4 full shot e


  1. wayne walker says:

    Amazing looking basses Sheldon.Have a great time at the NAMM show! Gotta tell this last Saturday night I got more than a few compliments on my ABZ5. People loved the way it sounded and were blown away by the Novax fret system. I just spent the last two hours learning songs for my cover and I NEVER get tired of playing my ABZ!

  2. Ben Dover says:

    What are the benefits of the way the frets are set up?

  3. Henry says:

    Never played a Fan Bass before but this Ferrari Yellow looks really astonishing!

  4. joebar says:

    looks like a couple more grand slams for sheldon and co.
    not really anywhere to go when you are making the finest basses on the planet.
    super P rocks-best P out there.

  5. G Meenie says:

    That XXX looks stunning, proper droolworthyness!

  6. sheldon says:

    Hello Ben, check out our website further, there are also some great youtube demo videos in the media section, lastly for more detailed information check out

  7. John says:

    Great idea of the 3 FD’s on an AB! would love to hear the sounds ! would you build Z3 6 string with 3 FD’s?

    I love the sound of the FD’s and the versitility of the 3 pick up config on the Super Fatty’s in the Z’s cant wait to hear one!

  8. PPK says:

    Does Super P 5 string also have refinements since last year?

  9. sheldon says:

    The Super P 5 shares the same headstock refinements as the 4.

  10. sheldon says:

    The Super P 5 gains the option of a bridge pickup.


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