“Matching headstock” for a Super J - February 10, 2011

I’ve been too busy lately to post much but I thought I’d take time today to show our latest development/experiment. Matching headstock veneers on Super J’s have so far been impossible for the simple reason that the headstock transition area near the nut rotates slightly. Wood only likes to bend in one direction. We came up with the idea to fill the “flame” scallop with not only a matching veneer cut from the top but also a border to match the contrast layer on the body. Kind of an inlay within an inlay.

I really like how it turned out. Let me know your thoughts.CRW_4435 eCRW_4433 e


  1. Urs Müller says:

    wooow!!! a beauty of its’ kind!!!

  2. Arlington Houston says:

    That’s sweet!! I dig the matching head stock. This is the first I’ve seen you do the PJ pickups.

  3. Andrew Penner says:

    Hey Sheldon! Love it, its the little details like this that makes an overall KILLER look! I’ve often wondered if something could be done with the headstock

  4. David Peters says:

    Gorgeous! I need a second job…


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