Instrument of the month - September 13, 2010

Z3 5 dragon full

We’re going to start picking our favorite bass or guitar of the month. Most months this will be a really tough decision. To start things off we have the Dragon Z we’ll follow this up with one a week to include some of our recent favorites.


  1. Fraser says:

    this is a very nice bass, the ergonomics are astounding. The neck comfortably fits the hand. It is also surprisingly light from what looks like very solid and sturdy wood. The hardware is also brilliant with the B to A flipswitch and 3 pickupsa for the most clearest sound. The detail on the pearl dragon on the twelfth fret is of astounding detail. well done Dingwall

  2. Hanif says:

    I’m honoured to have the Dragon Z appear as one of your favourites.
    I’m happy share my thoughts on it, now that I’ve had a little time to “play it in”.
    It’s definitely exceeded my expectations. The feel of the neck and its playabilty is the best I’ve experienced (I’ve tried lots of bass guitars). The combination of woods throughout the bass produce a beautiful tone – rich, deep and bassy, but clear (a hallmark of Dingwall basses generally). The 3 pick ups and Eq allow me the flexibility to colour different songs/styles the way I like it. I cant say enough about the feel and the tone.
    The dragon inlay is a fantastic piece of work – it’s small, so doesn’t overpower the look of the instrument, but it’s striking.The detail for something so small is incredible. The scales can clearly be seen and the range of colours is amazing – again, for something so small.
    The finish of the body and headstock is likewise amazing. It could stand alone as a peice of artwork.
    As a musical instrument, it simply inspires and beckons me to play it. I couldn’t have asked for a better bass guitar.
    A huge thanks to Sheldon and his team – you’ve outdone yourselves!


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