Having some fun with some Vintage-style knobs - July 8, 2011

The SJ is a future-meets-past type of bass. It’s always been a challenge trying to get the look exactly right. Going too heavy on either modern or retro touches upsets the balance – and to me, balance is everything. We tried some new knobs today. The design of these knobs tips things in the retro direction but the color I think adds a fresh look that balances things out. Let me know what you think.CRW_5421 eCRW_5418 eCRW_5417 e


  1. Rob Leishman says:

    Awesome, looks natural, like someone put a jazz bass though a futuristic black hole

  2. A very appealing look, subtle but outstanding. The retro-effect looks balanced, and along with the FFS it has a somewhat weird but pleasing calm.
    A fine looking instrument indeed.

  3. dancing-bass-guy says:

    pretty good! Only (minor) complaint is they’re too white. maybe a creamish or yellowed/aged knob would fit the vintage vibe better? ahh but who am I to question the taste of an artist such as yourself?


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