Feel – what’s the overall feel like with the fan fret system?

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In a nut shell: shorter scale lengths equal less tension, longer scale lengths equal higher tension.

The traditional problem: When using a single scale, the treble strings have a higher tension and stiffer feel and the bass strings have a looser, sometimes floppy feel. Playing with string gauges and formulas typically sacrifices tone for feel or feel for tone. As an example, a heavier B-string will increase the tension, but make the tone darker and less distinct. A lighter B will sound brighter and richer, but will have less tension and require a very light touch.

The Novax Solution: a builder can use the Novax Fanned-Fret System® to increase the tension of the bass strings, lower the tension of the treble strings or both at the same time - without negatively affecting the tone.

To sum up: The tension across the strings is much more even allowing a more consistent right hand attack on all strings. In other words, you can use the same attack and dynamics on the B-string that you use on the E, A, D and G-strings.