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  1. Rating: +34

    Why fanned-frets?

  2. Rating: +15

    How long will it take to get use to the fanned frets?

  3. Rating: +9

    Tuning - how does tuning work with the fan fret system?

  4. Rating: +7

    Tone - how does the fan fret system effect the tone?

  5. Rating: +8

    Feel - what's the overall feel like with the fan fret system?

  6. Rating: +4

    Are Dingwall basses available in 4, 5, 6, 7-string etc?

  7. Rating: +5

    Are strings available from other manufacturers that will work on my Dingwall bass? 

  8. Rating: +5

    What gauges of strings are available from Dingwall?

  9. Rating: -116

    Does Dingwall offer a left-handed bass?

  10. Rating: +7

    What is the Dingwall warranty?

  11. Rating: +32

    Can you forward me a price list?

  12. Rating: +6

    Can I buy direct?

  13. Rating: +6

    What are my payment options and do you require a deposit?

  14. Rating: +5

    Do you have a return policy?

  15. Rating: +6

    Can you ship to Brazil, Korea, Moscow, etc.?

  16. Rating: +6

    How long is the wait from time of order placed?

  17. Rating: +10

    Where can I play a Dingwall bass?

  18. Rating: +5

    Can I custom order an instrument?

  19. Rating: +5

    How do I order new knobs for my bass, t-shirts, ball caps, pickups, etc.?

  20. Rating: +8

    I want to sell my Dingwall, what is it worth?

  21. Rating: +6

    How can I get an endorsement?

  22. Rating: +5

    How to I become a Dingwall Dealer / Distributor?

  23. Rating: +4

    How can I get a case or gigbag for my Dingwall Bass?

  24. Rating: +5

    Should I choose to buy a case after receiving my bass in the supplied gig bag what are my choices?

  25. Rating: +11

    What are the standard scale lengths of the 5th string on your five string bass?

  26. Rating: +4

    Are you considering a neck-thru version of any of your basses in the near future?

  27. Rating: +6

    How much distance between strings and neomagnets should there be to avoid string pull effect?

  28. Rating: +5

    What is the width at the nut, the spacing at the saddles, etc?

  29. Rating: +7

    What amp do you recommend for a Dingwall bass?

  30. Rating: +3

    Are the benefits of your fanned-fret design lost/minimized when applied to a 4-string bass?