Dingwall web store live - January 26, 2011

The first phase of our webstore is now up. This is REALLY great for people needing strings. It will speed up the order and delivery time and simplify the whole ordering process. We’ve also added a few smaller items like T-shirts, pickups, Straploks and string winders. We’ll add more as we see a need. If we think it’s cool and useful we’ll offer it. I’m open to suggestions for items to carry.

Currently the store is only setup for North American orders. We’ll add international at a future date.

You’ll also see some basses and guitars in the store as they become available. For the near future you’ll still need to contact Barry for instrument sales. The nice thing is they are available now with no wait.



  1. Ivan Carranza says:

    The store looks way better now. I like how it is divided into sections.

    The pickups section is really interesting, I look forward for the international shipping to purchase a P-pickups for my ABZ.

    Maybe you could also include the amp in the store if you decide to make it.


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