NG2 Combustion 4-strings Now Available! - January 27, 2016

People have been asking for years for a NG2/Combustion 4-string. Well, they are now available for order and it’s exceeded all expectations.

NG2 4  Ducati Matte Pearl White full NAMM 5

Combustion 4 Vintageburst Maple full NAMM 5


  1. Will Harris says:

    Wahoo!!! about time guys. Get the NG2 out on a 4 string and i am ordering the day it happens!!

  2. Daryl says:

    yes it’s about time, awesome can’t wait hey Barry, sorry to bug ya over the years asking about if this day would come

  3. Bryan Buss says:


    What is the scale length ?

  4. sheldon says:

    It’s our standard long scale 34″ to 36.25″

  5. Luke says:

    Is there a timeframe for this to be released, and is there a price range set?

  6. sheldon says:

    The plan is to release the 4-string at NAMM 2016. The pricing will be $50-$75 less than a 5.

  7. Josh says:

    I think a 6 string combustion would sell better than a 4. If this was a super p/j that only goes to 35″, it would be a different story.

  8. sheldon says:

    We’ll bring out a 6 in 2017.

  9. Rhuan says:


  10. sheldon says:

    6-strings are coming in 2017

  11. Sakiewek says:

    Will there be a left-handed version available ?

  12. William says:

    Mine is coming from Bass San Diego next month! I ordered one after I played the 4-string NG2 at the 2016 NAMM show. Sounded awesome. Not sure if I’m going to tune it to a low E or B….

  13. sheldon says:

    There will be eventually. We’re still trying to catch up on RH orders though.

  14. JJ says:

    Hi Sheldon,

    will there also be a 6 string version of the NG-2?


  15. sheldon says:

    Yes there will be. We will be starting to take orders in the Fall of 2017.

  16. David says:

    Hi Sheldon,

    NG2 4 strings scale is 36.25′ against the 37′ on the NG2 5 strings right ?

    Thanks and best regards.

  17. sheldon says:

    That is correct.


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