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Here is a bass that can literally do it all. We combined the Z1 and Z2 pickup layouts with a simple and intuitive switching system resulting in an astounding range of tones that can cover any musical genre with ease. The streamlined neck and body shape result in ergonomic perfection.

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  1. chrus cunningham says:

    one word hot damn

  2. Feral Feline says:

    This is the bass I’ve been waiting for!

  3. Jeff Roller says:

    My Z3 is all I dreamed it would be. I can’t imagine how, but the neck is thinner and faster than the AB series! Beautiful low action, spot on intonation and a bountiful palette of tones to sculpt with make this the last bass I will ever need! Thanks Sheldon!

  4. Tom Windisch says:

    Awesome instrument. After methodically finding and eliminating most of the rattles produced by other basses in my music room, I brought this home and have given up. Great action. Very complex sound full of overtones. Very good purchase experience (except for the whole “MOP shell” customs thing).

  5. Cameron Hood says:

    That purple Z3 with the purple position markers is out of control! Incredible!

    And the clip of Lee Sklar playing his is the best he’s ever sounded, IMHO…


    The interview is quite hilarious, as well.

    Keep up the great work, Sheldon.


  6. Mitch Starkman says:

    I played this bass at a show a few years ago and I still think about it. It was one of those “standouts”. Tone, playability, and a B that was amazing. Congrats, Sheldon, on some innovation that really does make a difference!


  7. Joss says:

    Hi Sheldon,

    I’m the guy who was at the Guitar show in Montréal last friday afternoon who is looking for a kind of John Entwistle tone. I can say that this Z3 is just great. I will definitly put regularly some money on the side in order to buy this Z3 that just made me want to play bass again. By the way it’s been a pleasure meeting you Sheldon. your stand was one of the coolest

  8. Ariel Monge says:

    Lord have mercy!!! great work.. whats the price on this one.. i want one….

  9. [...] The Dingwall Z3 is made in Canada and ships with a Dingwall gig bag. For more info, check out the Dingwall website. [...]

  10. Graham Smith says:

    I recently bought an absolutely stunning quilted maple Z3 with maple neck and walnut & quilted maple inlays from Bass Direct in UK. I own two Afterburners an AB1 & AB11 which are superb, so I had very high expectations of the Z3. I was not disappointed. This is by far the best bass I’ve ever played or heard. The build quality is unsurpassed, the neck is a dream and range of tones available is just phenomenal. This is the first bass in nearly 40 years playing that I haven’t had to tinker with to set-up either. I own some top notch basses including Alembic etc, but they all stay in their cases now! Please keep up the excellent work Sheldon.

  11. Paul M. Oliva says:


  12. William Mitchell says:

    I bought my first Dingwall (SJ4) almost 10 years ago, moved up to a SJ5, and finally have a “long scale” Dingwall – a Z3 with a macassar ebony top and all-wenge neck. Yes, it’s a gorgeous bass, but more importantly, it has a badass inherent tone unmatched by any bass I’ve ever played. Tight but full lows and mids, sparkling highs, and sustain forever. Probably the last bass I will ever own or need.

  13. Brad Braden says:

    About 4 months ago,I saw Lee Sklar play the weirdest looking, screwed up fret system design I had ever seen and it sounded awesome. It was a Dingwall and I went on the research train for a month and it was damn hard to find any cons from anyone about Dingwall basses. I went on the serious hunt for one and found one 45 miles away. Played it for 3 or 4 minutes, stuffed the money in the guys hand and hit the dusty trail. 10 year old AB 2 in showroom condition. Had a top shelf luthier do a set up and I have been in love with it for 3 months now. I really have a problem putting it down. A low B to die twice for but the tones you can get are almost too many. I am still finding combo’s that are different. Plays like butter, is lighter than my 5 string Traben, which is a smaller body bass. I love my Traben, for sure, but the Dingwall is a whole different animal. This will be the last bass I ever buy and I will be the last owner of this bass till they pry my cold dead fingers off it.

  14. sheldon says:

    Prices vary greatly depending on options and currency. Please send an email to sales@dingwallguitars.com with your location and we’ll forward the appropriate price list.

  15. Peter G says:

    This is simply the most beautiful instrument I have ever laid my eyes on……

  16. Tony Janusky says:

    I agree with Peter G …
    This is one of the most beautiful instruments I have ever seen!
    Probably exactly how I’d order one, same colours, etc.
    I played a Z3 for the first time ever at NAMM last year, and was blown away!
    That one had a great wenge neck on it too, which was smooth as silk to play. Tone for days!

  17. celobacci says:

    afudê, certamente quero um bass assim mesmo nessa configuração tá muito foda!

  18. sheldon says:

    Muito obrigado!