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The Z2 is designed to capture the best qualities of the classic single humbucker tone. Then we increased the versatility by using two independent pickups mounted in a humbucker style array. The tone captures the classic mid-range and bottom end of the original but with a much more refined top-end and useful range of tones. The streamlined neck and body shape result in ergonomic perfection.

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  1. rozek rashid says:

    I dream your Z series..but it is too expensive for me..maybe in coming fiew years..hahaha..i love the sound (just heared lee sklar playing)..n hope i can get one..till then..tq

  2. Lee Wyatt says:

    I have not even had the chance to play one of these but I want one. The sound, the style etc. Theres just nothing wrong with them at all! Now if I can just find a way to sell some organs…..

  3. well, if you ever make an insane financial increase, do give me one of this as a gift. ^^ gosh, dingwall is great!!! <3 love it!!!

  4. Alberto Grassi says:

    There is a plain of intersection between the spaces of engineering and art: there is where truly good liuthery lives. Master Sheldon pushes the concept of a bass guitar beyond technical prejudices, and achieves a creature which is reliable, predictable, and yet inspiring and capable of conveying emotions. Yeah, Zs R HeArt conductors!

  5. Lewis R says:

    The urge to have one is almost uncontrollable. Too bad I am a musician as well as a student, which almost equals a negative income hahaha. :/

  6. Moushaki says:

    The most beautiful bass guitar I ever seen. For me the best is 6 or 7 strings. Make a video to present this model to show it to the world. In Mexico your brand is not available. When you want to introduced it here to call me. I will be eager to promoted here. Blessings

  7. Kev White says:

    My wife bought the November 2011 Bass of the Month Z2 for me as a wedding present. Yes I know, I’m a very lucky man!

    The bass is stunning, both to look at and play. Audience members often comment on both the look of the Z2 and the sound. It stands out clearly in any mix so I’ve no hiding place!

    Thanks to Sheldon and the team for an instrument of quality and beauty that’s an honour to own.

  8. Chris says:

    Wish they didn’t cost so damn much they say they have affordable models but 2000 is not affordable

  9. sheldon says:

    I feel your pain. We won’t cut back on quality to lower the cost though. When I’ve faced the same problem, I dug through my belongings and sold whatever was collecting dust. It’s amazing how much you can afford after a bit of purging.

  10. Josh says:

    I’ve owned a Z2 for many, many years now. These are absolutely fantastic units! For those commenting on cost, just remember, once you have this it will serve you well in whatever setting you need it to. Purchasing more or other basses is just for fun after you own this one. Love it. Wouldn’t trade it except for a new one.