Super P Vintageburst BWB Maple Wenge e 2

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  1. Maguire says:

    P is for Perfection. Thanks for the perfect precision! Dingwall clearly knows what players want.

  2. Joe Falconeri says:

    Hello, I’m thinking of ordering a super p, and I’m trying to decide what woods and color I want, on your site you have Chrome Blue, and Supersonic Blue but I’m not sure what those colors look like, do you have any paint samples on site I can look at? Also what is the standard price of a super p 5 string, lets say alder body with maple neck?

    Thank you for our time, this is a wonderful instrument! Great work Sheldon!

  3. sheldon says:

    Hi Joe, you can contact Barry for any questions you might have.

  4. Ivor jones says:

    I got one of the super p’s from bass direct in the UK after buying an ABZ earlier in the year….fantastic basses…..always played precisions before discovering Dingwall thanks to Mark at bass direct. I’ve waited 50 years for a bass this good I get more queries at gigs than ever before everyone who sees the basses wants to try them and to know more about them Thankyou Sheldon.

  5. Andrew Altman says:

    I own two! Sick basses.

  6. Mike Batchelder says:

    I’ve been playing a Lee Sklar for a little over a year and wanted to get the Super P as a second instrument. Now I’m torn which one to play. Great instruments!! I guess they’ll just have to take turns.

  7. Ken Head says:

    Sheldon has definitely perfected the Precision bass. My SP-4 amazes and pleases every time we play!

  8. Hands down the best precision I’ve ever played, and perhaps the best bass period. A total GAS ender.

  9. Jure says:

    Any chance we’d be able to get a Chinese Super P sometime soon? Combustion is tempting, but I’m a P guy…

  10. sheldon says:

    We’ll give this some thought Jure. Thanks.

  11. JT Simmons says:

    If you build a super p 4 string in a value added model or Asian import let me know I would love to own one. Wish I could afford one now. I only play P basses and this is the only bass I have seen that makes me what a new one. Nice work.

  12. sheldon says:

    That might be a future project JT. For now we will be introducing a 4-string Combustion and NG2 at NAMM 2016. The neck width is halfway between a J and P although feels a little more like a P. The neck pickup gets pretty close to a P sound but one of our P-tone pickups could be installed to really nail it.

  13. Darryl says:

    Hey Sheldon;
    Is there an option to have a sidejack instead of an over the top? Would like to put a tonecapsule in one of these basses.

  14. sheldon says:

    Hi Darryl, this would have to be done by a qualified tech local to you. We don’t have the tooling made to install a side jack in the Super P.

  15. Miles says:

    Is it possible to order a 4 string Super P with a 4 string Super J Neck?

  16. sheldon says:

    Yes, there is a small upcharge of roughly $100.

  17. John says:

    Here’s another emphatic vote for an Asian Super P5 — or better yet, Super PJ5! The Super PJ is my dream bass, but a tad beyond my means.

  18. Doca says:

    Super P4 is perfect bass for me. Thanks.

  19. ScottP says:

    I have a Super PJ and a Super P and a custom ordered ABZ….Bar none – THE nicest and easiest playing basses I have – and I have a bunch in my stable. This spring, there will be a few of them let loose, in order to do a custom Super P. As a sufferer of carpal tunnel, these basses allow me to play MUCH longer than ANY of my other high end basses. 5 Stars to Sheldon and crew!!

  20. Bardock says:

    ANOTHER sympathetic vote on the asian import Super P… or Super J at this point! ;)