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The Super J is our interpretation of the Classic J style bass. We deconstructed the original design, kept what worked and improved on everything else. The look and feel lean toward the traditional, but the tone and performance are everything you’d expect from a Dingwall. We downsized the scale 2” from our standard scale range. The results are great clarity on the B and E-strings with a big and warm quality to the D and G-strings.


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  1. Randal Ross says:

    If I could afford this bass it would be mine right now. the most beautiful combo of vintage & modern I have ever seen. I have played a coulple of them and loved the feel and sound right from the first note. now I just need an endorsment deal.

    Beautiful work.

  2. Cameron says:

    This bass just kills me for some reason…and I don’t even like Fenders, or Geddy Lee’s bass! But this is a work of art, man…this should be in the museum in Ottawa…seriously! One of the most radical things I have ever seen, but conservative and understated at the same time.

    Gorgeous work, man. You make us Canadian bass players proud. Keep the faith, man, these things are going to catch on bigtime, they sound SO good!


  3. Antonio Val says:

    Wow! Probably the next best thing to oxygen. I still get excited just by looking at it…

  4. John Frazier says:

    If I’d known I could get one of these I would have held off getting my 3TS Super J5…well, maybe not, but still…beautiful!

  5. mbass says:

    Magnificent! Just laying my eyes upon it makes my spirit soar and my jaw drop! How ever long it takes I will scrape the money together to buy my very own.

  6. Mike Berg says:

    This bass is still a pleasure to play after four years of regular use. I continue to be moved by the tones and the feel of the instrument, and remain convinced that Sheldon nailed it with this design.

    Thanks for your work. We’ve all benefited from it!

  7. GARY DUNITZ says:


  8. I am an old skool guy, with a birth date to prove it (1961), My 3rd Dingwall is infact the first production 5 strings Super J with a P/J pickup configuration and this bass exceeds all my expectations of a vintage revisited, best P bass sound I have ever heard and great Jazz bridge Jaco sound too all in one. No wonder the call it SUPER J it is in fact Super!

  9. I remember the day this bass first arrived at Bass NW in Seattle. We were all chatting, and when Evan took this bass out and set it on the stand the room got quiet… we all just stopped what we were doing, and stared at it. I have never seen a more beautiful instrument. (Including my Afterburner II!) I will own this some day.

  10. Michael C. says:

    I just bought the same Super J than you can see on the picture above and it is just awesome.
    It is not only a beautiful instrument, the versatility of the possible sounds exceeds my expectations.
    thank you for your fantastic work!

  11. JB says:

    Les dingwall rendent le monde meilleur.

  12. DaviD says:

    Les DINGWALL me rendent dingue, bon je sais, facile mais tellement vrai….! ! !

  13. John says:

    They’ve launched a Super P recently but the new member of the Super series bass is not actually listed in the products page.

    I think a Super PJ is also in the works.

  14. JC says:

    dès que j’ai posé mes mains dessus, la magie a opéré…. quel instrument……! une pb moderne et qui sonne…….! quel plaisir de l’avoir chez soi et avec soi !

  15. Ron says:

    How come you guys don’t list the Super PJ bass on your site??

    That is my DREAM BASS!!

  16. sheldon says:

    Hi Ron,

    A PJ combination is available in the Super J line. We have not released a PJ version of the Super P yet. It’s still in the distance.

  17. Arthur K says:

    I had the pleasure of trying a Super J 5 string last week and loved it. Now I have to get one. It will go good with my Afterburner 5 string and my super J 4 string.

    Great job Sheldon, keep pumping them out.

  18. joebar says:

    i just acquired a super P five string and i have to say it exceeded my expectations in sound, style and playability.
    i bought it sight unseen and it is easily the best p tone i have ever heard IMHO.
    cannot wait to play a gig with it; i suspect it will sit in the mix perfectly the way only a P can.
    if anyone is on the fence about purchasing a super P and leaning towards a traditional P, don`t.
    this one blows them away.

  19. I had the opportunity to play one of these basses when playing a show with Bart Crow Band in Kansas a few days ago. Micah (his bassist) handed it to me and I fell in love. This will be my next bass purchase (when i get an endorsement deal or sell my kidneys). From a working musician’s standpoint, it’s the all around perfect bass for me. I play red dirt / Texas country for a living and do session and studio work with several other artists and these basses are nothing less than spectacular. Absolutely in love with them.

  20. Jie says:

    Wow I love this bass feels… I can just play all the note with no problem thin neck and fan frets are awesome and they just released nickel strings now I can’t wait fo that to come… Canadian built bass guitars are awesome

  21. Ryan says:

    I’ve suggested this on the facebook page, but this would be an excellent candidate for another import series to go along with the the combustion!

    (I secretly just want this period)

  22. sheldon says:

    We’ll get it up there eventually.

  23. Chuck D says:

    I recently played a preowned Super J at a local music store. I had never seen or played a Dingwall before. It was a four string model, not my usual five string. I was frankly shocked on how quickly at how easy it was to play and how good it sounded. I want one!

  24. Mark Gibbs says:

    I currently play a combustion 5 and love it. My next bass is a super J, it’s the sexiest bass I’ve ever seen, played and heard. I can’t wait to buy one !!

  25. Sam says:

    How much for the super j standard and does it come left handed?

  26. sheldon says:

    I’m sorry we do not offer Left Handed models.

  27. Alberto says:

    tired of fenders, ltd, etc. i’m thinking about getting one exactly like the one rob van der loo uses.

    any way to know the prize?

  28. sheldon says:

    Please send your request to and include your location so that we can forward you the appropriate price.