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Super J Custom Exotic Options

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Pickup and Control Configurations

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The Super J is our interpretation of the Classic J style bass. We deconstructed the original design, kept what worked and improved on everything else. The look and feel lean toward the traditional, but the tone and performance are everything you’d expect from a Dingwall. We downsized the scale 2” from our standard scale range. The results are great clarity on the B and E-strings with a big and warm quality to the D and G-strings.

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  1. Gerson Roche says:

    PINCH MEEE! I’M JUST SPEECHLESS! Can wait to try one out! I’m a fan of the Jbass and as far as what I’ve seen out there in this category, you guys outdone your selves! GBY!

  2. OH MY GOD,the angels @ Dingwall have brought me a piece of heaven,I’m counting the days to ownership of my own beautiful custom burled 5/B string bass, ya baby, BoomBoom’s Happy!

  3. DaviD says:

    Trop belles….! ! !

  4. Hermoso instrumento y propuesta, los felicito, me gustaría ver uno fretless, saludos Ro

  5. brian barbae says:

    I just watched Toto 2007 with Leland Sklar.. Every time I saw him in the videio It looked like his base was twisted. That is what brought me here and now I see that it want an illusion. What is the idea of the angled frets? I have never seen this before. Sounds great tho.. Nice Guiter!!

  6. William says:

    I have custom exotic SJ5. So the big decision here is whether you want a 37″ (AB, Z, Combustion) or 35″ (SJ5) fanned fret neck. For me, I love the 35″ mainly because the D and G strings are so sweet sounding and more forgiving on the shorter scale. Great for slap or aggressive finger style playing. My other straight fret basses are collecting dust…I’m a complete and total Dingwall convert. The FF design just plain makes more sense. Look inside a piano sometime. Nuff said.

  7. John says:

    How about a custom exotic SJ6 with 3 humbuckers and a 4+2 tuner configuration?

  8. Remy says:

    Hi the j bass exotic wood the same superj custom the price please thanks

  9. sheldon says:

    Hi Remy, due to currency exchange messing with quotes in different countries we don’t quote unless we know where you are located. Please send your request to include your country and which bass you are interested in. Thanks.

  10. sheldon says:

    This is something that we hope to work on in the next year or two.

  11. Kris says:

    I bought a Combustion NG2 and I’m loving it, was thinking about getting a Jazz bass and thanks to Sheldon Dingwall, I just found it! I mean I’m about to sell my limited edition Rickenbacker to get this bass! Well done Dingwall, We’ll done indeed!

  12. Terence says:

    After almost 26 years of playing electric bass THE SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT BASS HAS FINALLY ENDED. Need I say more? All I need is the 6 string version of the Super J. Also rocking the 5 string ABZ. If dingwall had feet I would kneel down to them and touch them

  13. sheldon says:

    Thanks so much Terence! We have an SJ6 on the drawing board. It will be a while though.