Prima Artist 5 Redwood burl Macassar Ebony FB bronze frets e 3


The Prima Artist is designed without compromise. Created with our desire to build the best bass guitar in the world, it takes bass building art and engineering to a whole new level. The Prima Artist exudes quality craftsmanship, tone and aesthetic appeal for the ultimate ownership experience.

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  1. I fell in LOVE, I will be saving up for one of these!!!

  2. sheldon says:

    Right on Sohanndy!

  3. Ozzy says:

    I am definetly going to try to get one of these beautiful basses, or maybe the Super J exotic, but this is an amazing piece of work, i just wanna hear it’s sound but it has to be one of the greatest basses i’ve seen =)

  4. Tim DeCoster says:

    I have owned my Prima for about 7 years. It is a superb instrument in every way. It is a 6 string with 2 detuners, on the B & E. I have it set up with all the strings tuned down a whole step.
    Oh, the wonderful rumble.
    Thanks Again Sheldon

  5. Doug Drain says:

    Without a doubt the absolute coolest bass on the planet. The fret board makes total sense following the natural pivoting movement of the hand.

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  7. Doe prijono says:

    hi just wondering how much this bass is worth and how much to ship to Australia.

  8. Courtney Dingwall says:

    i will so own one of these one day

  9. John says:

    would love to see/hear/play one some day!

  10. jose says:

    Hello greetings am from Venezuela and I like that low I would like to buy one of those and know first as you pressed ok hope your prompt response ….. thanks

  11. How much is this bass going for and I hope I can get a credit card to cover the cost. Wow! what a bass. Love that art.

  12. sheldon says:

    Please send your request to sales@dingwallguitars and include your location. Thanks.

  13. Ivory Mobley says:

    This is a beautiful instrument.
    I will own one soon.
    What a work of art!

  14. Dr. Tim says:

    I’ve been playing the Dingwall Prima Artist 5, with mandolin frets for 6 or 7 years. People often come up after a performance and ask to photograph this bass as it so spectacular sounding, playing and looking. People are constantly amazed. If this was a violin, it would be a Stradovarius. If this was a piano, it would be a 9 ft Steinway. It is not a small bass, as it has a 37 inch scale on the deep end with a 34 inch scale on the topside. You will love the wonderful fanned frets for perfect intonation. But with this 37 ” length comes great power !
    Use it wisely! It never fails to impress! There are no dead spots and the neck is fairly thin , wide and fast. It falls naturally into my hand. Sheldon’s workmanship is as superb as is the wood selection and design. It almost glows. I love the battery changing compartment. No screw drivers needed, just my finger tips ! Which up to now are always with me, unlike screw divers and hex wrenches. Battery changes are Quick and Easy.

    This bass sounds and plays as good as it looks ! It is a majestic sounding bass with wonderful harmonics and rich overtones. Silky smooth action. It is opulent and delicious sounding. This bass will make you sound better and play better. Thank-you Sheldon !

    I have one suggestion. Why not make a really nice fitted, exotic wood stand, so that when I leave the stage, I don’t have to cringe that it will fall over ? I’d like to buy your first stand at practically whatever price. Hopefully, you will sign it.

  15. Guy David says:

    My Prima 5 Voodoo spent 4 weeks frozen solid when we got the ’95 ice storm in Quebec … No electricity at my house. No problem what so ever …
    Design, engineering and workmanship … All impeccable!
    Love the bottom design … You can stand it on the ground and lean it against the rig and it will not fall, unlike se of my other basses!

  16. sheldon says:

    Please send an email to and include your location (Venezuela) and we’ll forward the appropriate price list. Thanks.

  17. David Bole says:

    I have lusted after this bass for YEARS ever since reading a Bass Player article featuring a stunning Ziricote Prima 5 string. The price was a stumbling block for many years, but I was fortunate enough to find that EXACT bass reviewed by BP at a Florida Bass store. It had been perfectly stored and hardly touched. Words are inadequate…it is everything I had hoped it would be and more. Visually there are a million things to geek out over and the sound? The sounds, I should say…you can dial virtually any tone you want. This is probably the pinnacle of the bass luthier art right here, bravo Sheldon! Rob a bank, borrow money from your uncle, do whatever you need to, and get your hands on one of these beauties. It will relegate the rest of your stable to “dust collector” status.

  18. sheldon says:

    You would need to purchase this through one of our Australian dealers but the cost is US $12,000.

  19. vincent says:

    how much is the prima artist bass guitar?