NG2 Ferrari Green Dark Glass Maple full 3

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Combustion NG2 delay letter

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Based on the Combustion model, the alder body, maple neck and fretboard NG2 takes things in an exciting new direction with the addition of the custom Darkglass Tone Capsule pre-amp, sweetspot pickup placement, carbon fiber print pickguard and racing/tuner inspired finishes.



The Combustion is a break-through in terms of performance per dollar. By combining North American sourced materials and components with Chinese manufacturing we now offer many of the Dingwall tone and performance advantages at an extremely affordable price. Final setup and inspection is done in the Dingwall shop in Canada so you know the basses will play great right out of the box.

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  1. Scott Allen says:

    I would like a 4 string ng2 matte black but with a wenge neck/fretboard, would that be possible, if so, how much and how long. Would love to have it before the end of the year!!

  2. Shannon Bernardson says:

    Do you know if a six string Combustion and/or NG-2 will debut at winter NAMM?

  3. sheldon says:

    Unfortunately this is not possible. We can build you something similar as an ABZ or Afterburner I.

  4. sheldon says:

    All Laguna Seca Blue finishes in 2017 will be Matte Pearl.

  5. sheldon says:

    We will have the prototypes at NAMM.

  6. Lucas says:

    Do you offer lefthanded versions of Combustion/NG2?

  7. sheldon says:

    I’m sorry Lucas. Not at this time.

  8. Brad Braden says:

    Had my NG2 for almost 2 weeks. 3 gigs and I love the thing. Did a slight mod on pup to string space but it was a year old so who knows. Has a different tone and presence than my AB2. A bit sharper or more defined. Band mates like the sound too so I B happy camper.Hell of a bass!

  9. Radoptak says:

    Hello, What are the strings used for NG2? And what tuning do you set originaly? Can it be ordered with a custom tuning/string set?

  10. sheldon says:

    All of our basses are strung with Dingwall nickel strings. The default tuning is standard. B standard on the 5′s and 6′s, E standard on the 4′s. F# standard is offered as a +cost option. For a little more cost, custom low tunings using Kalium strings can be done at our shop.

  11. Bill Miller says:

    Very interested in the combustion 5 in matte black with matching headstock, think it would look even sexier with an ebony fret board. Is that possible ?????

  12. Stacey Martin says:

    After owning a Afterburner for roughly 14 years I decided to treat myself to a new, backup bass, however I am slightly bias now as only a Dingwall feels right.
    The design / look of the NG2 really caught my eye so when I found one for sale I scooped it up right away.
    I performed my first live show with it on new years eve and I must say I am very impressed with it. After tweaking the gain stage of my amp to accommodate the higher output it performed perfectly. I’m very happy with the sound (as was the band), the fit and the finish. It has a nice low end growl that suites my style perfectly.
    I know I can look forward to many years of enjoyment from this bass as these basses are built to last. Great job Sheldon and crew! Anyone thinking of purchasing one will not be disappointed.

  13. sheldon says:

    I agree that would be very sexy. The factory is not able to obtain ebony in the right size for this to be viable though.

  14. Connor Wright says:

    Is a NG2 in the same pink finish Nolly has availible?

  15. Alex says:

    Hello, I started saving money to buy one of these. After seeing a few reviews I must say I’m impressed by this instrument’s sound and look too. It seems pretty much perfect. I have some questions though. I’ve been playing bass for 10 years now and I have never tried a fanned fretted instrument before and unfortunately I have no music shop owning these and I can’t test it to see how it feels so: Is it a big difference? Like, is it going to take me too much to get used to it? Also, how much would it cost for setting the bass to drop C with the lower string in G and with the Kalium strings I ve heard about. The last question I have is how much would it cost and how much time would it take to ship it to Romania. Thanks in advance! Have a great day!

  16. Andrew says:

    Do you ship international of this Product

  17. nathan scott says:

    what are the chances of you doing business with some stores in CT? id love a NG2 4 string but I live in CT and id really love to play one before making a purchase even though I’ve heard so many good things and I know this is a bass that I would love to own.

  18. sheldon says:

    I’m sorry Connor, Pink was a limited edition and is now sold out.

  19. sheldon says:

    For the time being you’ll have to purchase through one of our existing dealers.

  20. sheldon says:

    We have several international dealers to choose from. They can be found here:

  21. Izak says:

    Would it be possible to make a Ng2 with a carbon fiber neck?

  22. Ben says:

    Are the Combustions routed with 3 pickup locations so the NG-2 and Combustion bodies are interchangable? Would it be possible to run 3 pickups if I had a custom PG made? Seems like having the best of both worlds at your finger tips.

  23. ANTON says:

    Can I change ng-2′s hardware to black?

  24. sheldon says:

    It’s a smoky black already. However if you want completely black you would need to upgrade to Hipshot USA tuners and ABM saddles.

  25. sheldon says:

    That is possible with the help of a qualified guitar tech.

  26. sheldon says:

    That would be possible and something we’ve discussed but would require carbon fiber specialists and would be very expensive.

  27. Matt says:

    Hi Sheldon.
    I just would like to say good job. I think that these are some of the nicest basses I have ever seen. I may only be a rookie bass player, but these basses look amazing. I may not be able to ever afford a new bass (i’m only 14) but I sure as hell will eventually get one.


  28. Ben says:

    Where can I find a picture of what a Combustion looks like with its pick gard off?

    The 3 pickup Combustion sound legit!

    Also when will the 6 string Combustions come out? I’m holding out for one of those. What colors will they come in?

  29. sheldon says:

    Hi Ben, that’s not a photo we’re releasing. The 6-string Combustions and NG2s will be available in all of our standard colors and configurations currently available on our Combustions and NG2s.

  30. Steve Reinhardt says:

    Would it be possible to have an NG2 with a rosewood fretboard on it and possibly in a tobacco burst style pant job with matte type finish?

  31. Ben says:

    When will the 6 string Combustions be released and will there be a waiting list?

  32. sheldon says:

    No I’m sorry Steve. Due to new CITES regulations we’ve discontinued Rosewood. The closest we have to that color is our Combustion, swamp ash, maple Vintageburst.

  33. sheldon says:

    We expect to have them available for NAMM 2018. We will likely start taking orders in late Fall 2017.