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To all NG2 and Combustion clients who are waiting on their new basses please CLICK HERE…

Combustion NG2 delay letter

NG2 Available Models

Click on the link to access the available NG2 models.

Combustion Available Models

Click on the link to access the available Combustion models.



Click on the links for pickup and control layouts.

NG2 Control Layout

Combustion V4 CTL Layout



Based on the Combustion model, the alder body, maple neck and fretboard NG2 takes things in an exciting new direction with the addition of the custom Darkglass Tone Capsule pre-amp, sweetspot pickup placement, carbon fiber print pickguard and racing/tuner inspired finishes.



The Combustion is a break-through in terms of performance per dollar. By combining North American sourced materials and components with Chinese manufacturing we now offer many of the Dingwall tone and performance advantages at an extremely affordable price. Final setup and inspection is done in the Dingwall shop in Canada so you know the basses will play great right out of the box.

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  1. sheldon says:

    Only the shell is different. The coils are the same.

  2. sheldon says:

    No, 36.25″ only. However the Combustion/NG-2 4-strings work very well strung BEAD using 4 of the strings from our 5-string set.

  3. sheldon says:

    Yes, the 6-string NG2 will be available in Purple.

  4. sheldon says:

    Depending on how you spec the Combustion, from almost no difference to a couple of hundred dollars.

  5. sheldon says:

    No, rosewood has become nearly impossible to use due to new CITES regulations.

  6. sheldon says:

    We don’t have a passive version of the Combustion/NG2 however they have active/passive switches so they can be run in passive. All of our Canadian built basses can be ordered passive.

  7. sheldon says:

    No to the custom electronics and pickguard. Yes to a BEAD setup with either Dingwall or Kalium strings.

  8. sheldon says:

    I’m sorry we do not have any dealers in Brazil. You would have to purchase from the USA or another country.

  9. Bryan Walsh says:

    what strings and gauge does it come with and how are the kallium strings different in terms of sound/feel ?

  10. MARK NOLASCO says:

    Hey Sheldon

    Well, I was pleasantly surprised to have my NG2-5 show up at the beginning of the week.

    So stoked to finally have it and it hasn’t disappointed at all. Thanks for the strap too!

    Keep doing what you guys do because it’s amazing.

    Cheers, from Australia.

  11. sheldon says:

    Dingwall nickel strings. Kaliums in the appropriate gauges sound and feel very similar.

  12. Mateusz Jankowiak says:

    Hey sheldon, i am waiting for my NG2, but i Didnt know that there is a delay, do you have any information how long it take, i contacted with but they dont have any information from you.

  13. sheldon says:

    Hi Mateusz, we have monthly shipments to Session. However we don’t have individual customer information. All NG2 orders take roughly 8 months to process. If every NG2 they currently have on order is pre-sold, yours will be 8 months. If they have the color/spec that you purchased already on order, then yours will arrive sooner.

  14. Zachary says:

    Will the six string ng2 come in swirl paint options?

  15. Stan says:

    Has there already been a reveal of Combustion/NG2 models for 2018? If not, when is it planned for?

  16. sheldon says:

    We will reveal the 2018 basses at NAMM in January.

  17. Mike says:

    I acquired a generation 1 combustion today (serial # 00093) and the original owner replaced the pups with Bartolini’s that do not fill the cavity and it’s driving me nuts…are there any aftermarket brands that fit the cavity better? or can i purchase the OEM pups from you?