The Combustion is a break-through in terms of performance per dollar. By combining North American sourced materials and components with Chinese manufacturing we now offer many of the Dingwall tone and performance advantages at an extremely affordable price. Final setup and inspection is done in the Dingwall shop in Canada so you know the basses will play great right out of the box.

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  1. sheldon says:

    I appreciate your concern. I’ve spent a lot of time at the factory so have seen things first hand. Working conditions and hours are comparable to our Canadian shop with the exception that there, lunch is provided. There is also a lot of green space for workers to hang out and relax in during breaks. So relative to other Chinese factories, this one is at the top end.

  2. Richard says:

    Does the 2015 NG2 come with the same pickups as the 2015 Combustion?

  3. Samuel says:

    Would it be possible to make an regular combustion not the ng2 with a darkglass preamp

  4. Florian says:

    Hi, what is the total length of the combustion 5? I mean the whole instrument (not only the scale/strings!). I’m wondering whether the bass will fit into my bass case.

  5. Mike says:

    I just wanted to say, how pleased I am with my new combustion. I was in 2 minds about going for the NG2, but I am really glad I went for the swamp ash combustion instead. The body looks really classy and though the NG2′s look amazing I really don’t think I’m just ‘settling’ with the combustion.

    Giving it a baptism of fire on Saturday as I’ll be playing for about 7 hours in 2 bands. great to have a light 5 string at last!

    If you’re English Bassdirect are excellent retailers for the brand!

  6. Paul Ring says:

    The bass is my favourite but the frets are produced from inferior steel (where was it assembled?)
    Luv Paul

  7. sheldon says:

    1166 mm from tip to tip.

  8. Jay says:

    Hi sheldon,

    Do you currently have a UK distributor for Dingwall or are all orders placed through yourself? Also, very interested by a Ferrari red NG2. What is the current waiting time for these basses?


  9. Jérôme says:

    Just bought a new combustion swamp ash, damn, this bass is so light weight, same weight than my pbass 4 strings. The neck is really fast. Just need heavier string gauge and it will sound huge. Fanned fret is like 20 second to be natural, preamp is easy to use and not to extreme. Only point is the serial sound is so punchy, the other positions sounds a little less loud. Thanks you Sheldon for that bass!

  10. Daniel Sabugal says:

    Is there any chance of purchasing a blank ng2 pickguard, without the pickup holes punched through?

    I really like the playability of this bass and the tuning stability with low tunings, but I really think I need my neck pickup, well, close to the neck.

  11. Wedge says:

    Got my Combustion (Ash body/maple FB) in august and I couldn’t be happier with it! My bandmates really dig it too.
    No technique adjustment needed for standard bass lines. Playing from the 15th fret and up takes some getting used to, although it’s not too hard.
    It has a really tight attack, the low B is clear and powerful (as expected) and the neck is fast and slick (love the satin finish).
    The PU combinations and the 3-band EQ make this bass extremely versatile. It covers everything from Jamiroquai/Chic (hey at least it grooves!) to Rush/RHCP to RATM and some metal stuff.
    At that price point, it’s pretty hard to beat.

  12. Hi Sheldon,

    I just picked up an NG-2 in black, and I couldn’t be happier. In the first 5 days I had the bass, I took it to 5 very different gigs and loved it in each setting -world music, gospel choir, studio session, background jazz gig, rock band rehearsal.

    I’m curious about the very light finish on the neck. I am half tempted to put some tru-oil on there, just to keep it from getting grey over time. (I think I remember that you were using the Lee Valley gel finish). What’s the news from owners? Are these necks wearing well in the field?

    Ergonomics are great, and the B string really delivers (all the strings sound great though). I took exactly zero seconds to adjust to the multiple scale lengths. Tonally, it’s very aggressive and reminds me a bit of a stingray. By the way, Jean and Jameel at Long and McQuade were really helpful with my purchase, and I waited all of one week to take delivery!

    Thanks very much, Laurence (Vancouver, BC)

  13. Thomas says:

    I’m holding out for a six-string version of the NG-2 to be the counterpart to my 8-string guitar.

  14. sheldon says:

    Hi Laurence,

    We’ve moved onto a catalyzed polyurethane finish now that the Lee Valley product is no longer available. It should last for years before needing a touch up.

  15. sheldon says:

    If you’re OK with giving up the Carbon Fiber look, we can hook you up with a BWB Combustion pickguard. It will do what you need and keep things simple.

  16. sheldon says:

    Hi Jay, we have two UK dealers. Both are excellent. You can find their contact information here

  17. sheldon says:

    This is a relatively common complaint. The reality is that the frets are the same high quality as any of our basses. However string wear on angled frets looks way more noticeable than when it’s inline with the fret. Here’s a thread discussing this.

  18. sheldon says:

    I’m sorry this is not an option at this time.

  19. sheldon says:

    We tried parallel frets back in 2000 but felt that they watered down what are basses are capable of.

  20. sheldon says:

    You’re in luck Mark. 4-string versions will be released at NAMM 2016.

  21. sheldon says:

    I believe they have a winner chosen but I’m waiting to hear back on the details.

  22. sheldon says:

    That would be approximately 2011.

  23. Joe M says:

    Hi, Ive just bought a Combustion V and am thrilled with it. I am told its pre-routed for the NG2 pickup position. What effect does moving the Bridge pickup have on the sound and would anyone know where Icould buy a suitable replacement scratch plate if I did have the pickup moved. Many thanks.

  24. sheldon says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the bass. It would be the neck pickup that would need to move back. Only a few have done this and I believe they hired a luthier to make a custom pickguard. The new pickup position would give you more focus and growl vs the existing pickup position provide more traditional range.

  25. BigEvilJB says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of playing one of these but have heard and seen them played. Patiently awaiting the 4 string in Orange. I love the monorails and the angle of the pickups.