The Combustion is a break-through in terms of performance per dollar. By combining North American sourced materials and components with Chinese manufacturing we now offer many of the Dingwall tone and performance advantages at an extremely affordable price. Final setup and inspection is done in the Dingwall shop in Canada so you know the basses will play great right out of the box.

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  1. Jackson says:

    from the sound clips this bass has good quality sound all the finishes look great from the dingwalls i have tryed the price is better but flared frets take some getting used to

  2. SEGUN says:

    What a great finishing and shape.The price and the tone colour pushed me to go for one but i pray i will easily get used to the frets configuration.

  3. Daniel Kasnitz says:

    I have had a fanned-fret Dingwall for about 10 years. It was a very short adjustment time. I think it actually makes more sense on a visceral level to have the spacing change with pitch. The extra length on the B string makes all of 5-strings sound like ;loose rubber bands. It is so incredibly nice to have the tension so much more even from string to string, a far bigger benefit you can feel immediately and is much more noticeable than the fanning.

  4. John Doherty says:

    Have mine now about 4 months, and love it, the fan frets are no problem getting used to, and what a tone, especially the low B with an even tone across the other strings , try and you will buy, and what an after sales service, just email sheldon with a question and you do get an answer very quickly, in my case it was 5 mins.

  5. Joe says:

    Bye, bye, Spector!

    Played a Combustion at BassNW in Seattle – the whole staff ROCKS, btw, guys really dig the jobs – and from the moment you play one of these, it’s over. Have YET to find anything that can match the “Buster” for weight, ultimate bass “slam” and looks.

    More of a P-bass neck kinda guy, this is the first (and ONLY) J-inspired neck I’ll even CONSIDER.

  6. Neil Hetherington says:

    Afterburner 2 purchased sept 2010

    Has a very light feel to it,fanned frets don’t take long to get used to.
    I find you don’t need to look at the neck to see where you are as often as you would on a conventional neck.
    Very comfortable to play.
    Very good overall tone,I am useing the Eq. in the flat position after making the mistake of boosting the bass initialy which leaves the G sounding a bit thin.
    Superb looks and very well built.
    Attention to detail is immaculate. Priceing is spot on. I’m yet to be convinced that a padded bag gives more protection than a hardshell case. I am willing to be corrected though. Keep up the good work Mr. Dingwall [Sheldon]

  7. Pornpot Pongsiwasathit says:

    I luv Combustion!

    I buy the combustion bass without a try,
    I trust in power of a scale length,
    everything in this bass is almost perfect
    finishes,fret work,setup

    hope that I can get more of Dingwall in the future.

    from Thailand

  8. Chris "C-Note" Northington says:

    By far the easiest bass that I’ve ever played. No compensating for different string tensions means less left hand pressure fatigue. I don’t look at my lips when I speak so I don’t even think about the fanned fret configuration as I’m exploring the sonic pallette of the instrument. It just makes way too much sense. What an amazing bargain!!

  9. Mollerup says:

    One of my students just bought a Combustion -great design, fantastic price, excellent B string!

  10. Dave Molter says:

    My Combustion is unlike any other bass in my arsenal — and I have 8! The Combustion providesa hi-fi sound and calrity that is unmatched. Adapting to the fanned frets is very easy butI do find myself having to check my left hand position when using the C on the B String — 37″ is a long way!

  11. Reland says:

    No one should worry about getting used to fanned frets. If you can play a bass guitar you can play a Dingwall bass guitar. I remember when I got my Afterburner I 5-string I brought it to my buddy’s rehearsal to show it to him. He plugged it in and played a full set with it and didn’t have a problem. It may have taken a week for me to feel completely comfortable with it, but no more than that. The inconvenience is brief and minor but the benefits are priceless and permanent. If you are considering buying a Dingwall bass, you are ready for a Dingwall bass.

  12. Specialblender says:

    I’ve had more compliments on my sound than with any other bass I’ve owned over the years. My Natural Alder Combustions not only sounds fantastic, looks sharp, it plays great as well. Virtually no adjustment period required to get used to the fanned frets. Best bass I’ve ever owned.

  13. Bill says:

    Received my Combustion about a month ago. Very clear and tight B. Great construction and finish. The transparent white alder body and pickguard give it a vintage vibe. Very comfortable to play and the super support from Dingwall is a plus. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  14. Ronald Willis says:

    I have only owned my Dingwall Combustion for five days as write this.
    I am selling all of the other basses aside my fretless. It is incredible, the tone, the feel, the balance. Sometimes I find myself playing for hours and not realizing that much time has passed. It is a true joy to play this bass, I love it.

  15. Gianmaria says:

    is it good for progressive metal sound?

  16. Earle Attlee says:

    Played the Combustion while checking out an new amp @ my favorite bass store….The Bass Place in AZ, and I liked the bass enough to buy it also. What a great bass! Love the sound, nice action, and overall quality. Current favorite in my house.

  17. sheldon says:

    All Dingwall basses are excellent for prog metal. They really provide a solid foundation and are so transparent they can be mixed louder without drowning out the guitars and vocals.

  18. Reg Patton says:

    I just bought my Combustion 5-string yesterday. I can’t stop playing it! When I was looking at basses yesterday in the store, I tried other ones but I kept coming back to this one. What else is there to say? I’ve been playing music for over 45 years and I’m totally impressed with it.

  19. Mike Chapman aka the funk gorilla says:

    I played a 34 inch B string on an Alembic Epic and the B string on the combustion blows it away. What I havent heard anyone mention is that the fanned fretboard is perfectly suited to correct bass technique. If you are one of these thumb over the fretboard cats you will have a hard time adjusting. I find that the low positions especially are MORE ergonomically correct than a straight up and down fretboard…..if you just point your thumb in the same direction that the frets fan the playing is almost automatic and ergonomically better for your hands than using a thumb straight up and down on the back of the neck. I have been workin some Bach solo cello suites up on the Dingwall and they seem to flow better on the fanned board. Maybe I’m just a better player now than when I first touched the Bach 15 years ago. Probably the fretboard!!! Gotta Run.

    Mike Chapman

  20. Josh O says:

    I’ve been wanting a Dingwall since I first heard about them back in the Zebra/Voodoo days. Thank you for making an incredible bass that’s financially within the reach of the common man. I’ve had my Combustion for eight months and in that time I haven’t touched any of my other basses. To echo others here, the fanned frets are absolutely nothing to be concerned about; you’ll find very quickly that they make more sense than parallel frets.

  21. Ryan S says:

    Played one today for the first time. Best sounding bass I’ve ever played….. the pretty pennies shall be saved for many months until i have one or four!

  22. Henry Mioduszewski Jr. says:

    After reading about the Dingwalls in Bass Player, and having never seen or played one before, I’d found a natural finish Alder Combustion for a reasonable price on the Bay, and acquired it in mid November. Practiced with it when able to get acclimated to it, then had my first gig with it the night before New Years! Amazing tone and depth, blew me away with it’s capability, clarity, power and depth, as well as the other people in the band also! I can’t even imagine how the other basses sound in their arsenal if this is just their entry level bass! VERY PLEASED!

  23. Mats Eriksson says:

    What puzzles me with people when they balk at the sight of fanned frets, is the following adjustment time: It takes LONGER for you to go – and adjust to – from regular 4 string to 5 string basses, than it takes to get adjustet to any fanned fret. The “spread” you make with your fingers is about the same as on a regular fretless bass since you have to press down where the actual fret wires are supposed to be. And yet people are wary, and complaining. But whenever they play it, they come up with all excuses. I find out that their main complaints is that they’re going from a regular 4 string with straight frets, to a 5 string with fanned frets, and it’s the 5th string that buggers them more than any fanned fret thing. It’s like, they THINK it’s the fanned fret thing, but in reality it is the 5th string added on top of the fanned fret, that they getting used to. I find this peculiar. However, my Combustion wipes the floor with all similar 5 string in the same price range, AND quite a bit above.

  24. ed menezes says:

    esse baixo é realmente espetacular …..nunca vi nada igual no BRASIL…
    gostaria de saber o preço de um instrumento desse..e talvez quem sabe realizar meu sonho de ter uma obra de arte como essa…..DEUS abençoe vocÊs

  25. Guy M (Northern Ontario) says:

    I’ve been using this bass for over one year.

    The fanned frets took about 20 minutes (max) to get used to.

    Overall, it is an exceptional instrument with incredible intonation,solid/punchy and very well balanced sound everytime you plug it in. This is a solid instrument that will more than likely give you years of trouble free pleasure.

    I have owned and played on many different instruments from major well known makers over 25+ years and this is by far the absolute best value for your money “hands down”.

    Sheldon and the entire team at Dingwall have got themselves another winner.

  26. Ryan S says:

    Update from previous post. I’ve now OWNED one for a month in a half, it still makes me drool when i play it!!

  27. tim anderson says:

    JUst received my new combustion5, HOLY S_____!
    now that i have change my pants and got my jaw back in place,simply amazin! the fanned frets are a non issue
    for some reason seems easier, fantastic tone and the build quality is as good as you can find anywhere

  28. John Sanchez says:

    I have owned a Super J and an Afterburner 1 5 string.Love the basses and the separate scale per string.Great feel,but I hate the plastic knobs ,there terrible IMHO.

  29. Dustin Colyer says:

    I have been playing this bass non stop since it showed up today. The fan-frets are very easy to adjust too. The neck feels great and is very comfortable, the bass is fairly light weight and sounds great! This Combustion is knocking out several higher priced basses that I own and know I am thinking about selling them for another Dingwall.

  30. Tom Baker says:

    I have been playing mt combustion bass for 4 months now and I LOVE it! Only issue was I slap so hard the bridge pickup screw came completely loose, but a little dab of silicone fixed it nicely :)

  31. Kris says:

    Very nice guitar in fit and finish, very playable. I made the jump to an ABZ becausse the D shape of the neck and electronics, and because I could…

  32. Alessio says:

    Will the Combustion be produced Left-Handed?
    I heard one combustion in action today, it totally blown me away! …but I am a lefty!

  33. Justin Bird says:

    BUY ONE OF THESE. Seriously. It only takes 5 minutes to get adjusted to the fanned frets. This bass has fantastic tone and plays great. After playing the Combustion for a week and having the best bass tone I’ve ever had, I’m going to start saving up for another Dingwall. I must have more. Seriously. Get one. Contact me on my facebook page (linked on my name)if you have specific questions for an every day user of the bass. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  34. sheldon says:

    I’m sorry, there a no plans for a left-handed Combustion

  35. Michael S. says:

    As a bass player with smaller hands I have always stuggled. How will the fanned fret system translate into that? Will it make it easier or more difficult?

  36. sheldon says:

    If you’re used to a 5-string you won’t find the stretch significantly different. If you’re used to a 35″ scale 5, you might even find the Combustion feels shorter by comparison.

  37. Mike Jones says:

    I have been a loyal Modulus supporter/player since 1995. Once I received my Dingwall Combustion all of that changed. The Low B tone on the Dingwall is to die for…Very “piano” like and quite frankly…blows my Modulus basses away…Kudos to Sheldon Dingwall for creating a fine sounding bass guitar.

  38. Henrik K. says:

    Best bass I ever played!
    The frets took some adjusting to get used to, but after a couple of months it is all good.

    One of the bridge pickup screws came totally loose after a short time. But a match and some glue fixed that i a flash.

    Other than that I had a very positive expereince. Great response time and great support from Sheldon.

    I am definately coming back for seconds as soo. As the finances are there!

  39. Kevin says:

    I’ve been longing for a Dingwall for ages but they were always out of my price range. I bought my Combustion a few weeks ago on eBay (stole it if you ask me) and haven’t played anything else since. My Lakeland Skyline, Fender American Deluxe Five String P, and Stingray 5 are all very jealous. Imagine if they knew I was contemplating the sale of one or more of them in order to finance another made to my specs. The fanned frets are so natural I had it down in 5 minutes, they’re actually easier than straight frets, and an A string that cuts through the mix like a knife through butter….WOW…!!!

  40. Ian says:

    Purchased a Combustion used back in 2011 and all it did was give me more DAS! I live in a small town that has a fairly large musician population. Every bass player who has tried it out loved it. Some of these are guys who are very set in their ways and have no intention of trying out new brands fell in love with it. I mostly play metal and punk, but this bass is perfect for any genre. I would however encourage the pick up upgrade if you plan on going into heavier genres, but it is not a requirement. Currently trying to figure out how I can save up enough money for a Z3 or a AB1. After buying my Combustion, my Spectors haven’t left their cases. I firmly believe that I am now a Dingwall player for life.

  41. sheldon says:

    We hear the commment a lot that our basses work well with smaller hands. I think it’s because we really are efficient with the overall size of neck compared with the actual playable surface. I recommend you post your question on our Forum to get some feedback from long time customers.

  42. Rene says:

    will you have again this model in the online store?

  43. sheldon says:

    We don’t have a lot of B-stock instruments left. In the mean time. Long and McQuade in Saskatoon bought several and have them in stock. They’re really good people to deal with. You can find their information here

  44. JUSTIN BIRD says:

    I’m a bass player with small hands for a guy. I can confirm that this bass is great for smaller hands. Most comfortable bass I’ve ever played.

  45. Anwar says:

    I bought my combustion a month back. It sounds really nice and it really brings out the picking dynamics.

  46. Shane Wallner says:

    How much does it even cost. It looks like a fantastic bass and I would love to buy one but I need to know a price so I can start saving up.

  47. Sonu says:

    Desperately waiting on the stores in Sydney and Melbourne for the Nolly yellow or green- I have one reserved and am now waiting to hear from bass direct and bass centre about stocks coming in!

    To me, Dingwall is supremely professional and I don’t mind waiting or paying extra for such fine instruments!

  48. Daniel says:

    I bought a Combustion 5 on impulse. I have played all kinds of basses, from vintage 70′s jazz basses to Bootsy Collins’ Space Bass. After seeing Nolly talk about his Combustion, I knew I had to have one. I can honestly say that it is the best feeling and sounding bass I have ever played. The comfort of the thin neck and banjo frets makes for fast and smooth playing. Ever since I picked up the Combustion, I have had people ask me about it at every show. I tell them everything I can about it, and even let them play it a little. I just wish I could get a sponsorship and get more Dingwall gear.

  49. [...] really I’m just impressed by Nolly’s 34-37″ scale, fanned fret, signature modded Dingwall Combustion bass. Those pickups are intentionally spaced so close together because they’re wired in series. [...]