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The ABII is the flagship of the Afterburner line. It features a semi-hollow walnut body with an exhibition grade walnut top. The tone is rich and full with an acoustic-like “air” to the note. See the AB2 options page above to customize this bass.

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  1. Best 5-string bass I’ve ever played

  2. Cameron says:

    Now there’s a right proper bass…love your stuff, Sheldon…look forward to getting mine in the fall…


  3. Still haven’t find anything better than my Afterburner II/6. Incredible… soooo beautiful sounding, looking, so comfortable and easy to play. Even some guitarists are jealous of this neck profile. wow.

  4. Jay C. says:

    I first picked up a Dingwall when I was 15, I’m 23 now. It took me only a few moments to adjust to the fanned fret system.

    You will not be disappointed when playing a Dingwall the ergonomics are simply amazing, as is the tone, and everything, I have got nothing bad to say about these basses.

    I played at least 8 Dingwalls at music stores all over Canada on my travels from PEI to British Columbia.

  5. Dean C. says:

    I’ve been playing my ABII 6 nights a week all around the world for 5 years and have had little trouble.(I had a small finish problem and Sheldon sent me everything I needed to fix it in Bangkok. Best service ever). I get so many questions from musicians who have never seen or heard one before. Meanest, fattest, punchy B string ever.

  6. Fran says:

    I am now on my 2nd Dingwall bass, the first being an excellent ABZ 5 and the 2nd an ABII in Redwood / Walnut. I also have a 3rd on the way a Super J 5 P/J. To simply describe my ABII I could just say it’s like a Maserati fast. easy to use and with a great ballsy sound! Keep ‘em coming!!

  7. John Doherty says:

    Just got my AB11/5 and i love it, its hard to put down, so comfortable to play absolutley fantasic bass, i find it inspires me to play better, if that makes sense.

  8. John says:

    I’ve had my AB-II for just over a year now, and I really love the reduced weight and the increased “air” that the chambered body contributes to the tone.

    I used to be gear-junkie; always buying up basses and looking for the next cool thing.

    I bought my first Dingwall in 2003, and the only other basses I’ve bought since then have been Dingwalls.

    These basses just keep getting more refined and perfected…

  9. Ron Perron says:

    I bought my Afterburner II in 2005 after playing a Yamaha BB5000 for 12 years. I had searched for a replacement for 2 years playing every exotic & production bass I could get my mitts on, Roscoe’s, Smith’s, Pedulla’s, etc. Name it and I tried it. The ABII became my favorite instrument instantly. My vintage Fenders sit gathering dust…the ABII is the finest instrument I have found. Ultra-responsive, touch sensitive, articulate, and with a low B that is earth shaking. I can’t imagine ever playing another instrument…

  10. Philippe Thomas says:

    I just received my brand new afterburner II this week and played my first gig with it yesterday – what a blast!! this bass has the most incredible sound out of any bass I ever played. It’s clear and full all over the neck, each note coming out as clear as the next on every string.
    The finish is also superb. Thank you so much for making such an incredible instrument.

  11. Been playing bass professionally since I was 15, which was in the early 70s. Don’t know why it took me so long to try out a Dingwall. My ABII looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful and it plays like nothing I’ve every laid my hands on. I am a better player with it. I’m extremely picky when it comes to instruments, and this is by far the best bass I’ve played.

  12. David G says:

    What joy it is to play an AbII 5, beautiful tones,

    It’s like listening to chocolate melt 

    Dave G

  13. RYAN says:

    Here is a video I found of Breen Leboeuf playing with the Afterburner II. The guitar player is unbelievable as well!


  14. I have an ABII, all walnut.

    Fantastic bass to play, and lovely sound and absolutely beautiful.

  15. Noah Taylor says:

    I love the look of this bass, the crafting methods and thought put into it. I have read everything I can about this bass and how its made and reasons for each method. I am so intrigued and in love with it! Unfortunately I cant seem to find a way to actually try one or at least hear one.

  16. Noah Taylor says:

    Although I will definitely be saving up for one!

  17. Ivar says:

    So, I’ve had the six-strings version of this for just over one year now, and the AB11 is a wonderful beast. The low B-string is to die for and the higher notes just soothes your mind. The feel of the neck is QUALITY without compromise – the neck is a REALLY fast one. The strings just gets better and better the longer the’re on, just remember to change them every half a year to every year, or else the lower ones might snap if you play really really hard ;)
    If there’s anything else to say about this instrument: you can actually use it as an ornament in your house, it’s a crazy beautiful instrument.

  18. JOHN C says:

    Played one of these today! At Bass Central in Orlando. Have many basses this will be my next one!Been playing for 45 years and was love at first play!

  19. Richard N says:

    I recently converted over to Dingwall I own a new (this years model) Afterburner II 5 String bass. All I can say is this bass was worth every penny. When I bought my first Dingwall I wasn’t sure it was going to fit my style of playing (I play heavy finger style and slap hard enough to snap an upright at the heel) This bass can really do it all. I was so impressed that I am in the process of replacing all of my basses with Dingwall basses.
    The tone of this bass is just unique from top to bottom string. When I perform live I am getting studio quality sound using a VERY basic rig. The sensitivity is just right I get INCREDIBLE definition with every note. It is impossible to get lost in the mix with this bass (at least for me) good and bad though cause if you miss a beat everyone knows hahaha … I really was going to buy one of these as another beautiful boutique bass for my collection. This is a piece of artwork that could blow anything else out of the water. Thank You Barry Lamb for helping me through this transition with your great advice and patience. 

  20. Bill MacMartin says:

    My Daughter’s AB11 Fretless 6 string #4113 born 2008 1 of 12 just arrived WOW! Looks like it was never played. Where they all fretless? Looks like the one above.

    Thanks Sheldon for another awesome bass!!

  21. sheldon says:

    That was probably the only fretless in that run Bill.

  22. Brad Braden says:

    Just got my first Dingwall Afterburner 2. I am the third owner. It is, I believe, 10 years old and as far as I can tell has never been to a luthier. I was prepaired to have it gone over and adjustments made but after 4 hours of playing it is, without a doubt, the smoothest, easiest, most comfortable bass I have ever touched. My first fan fret and there was zero adjustment time to get use to the fan frets. I am absolutely blown away by this instrument and the B is like a sky scraper. Never have I encountered the sustain this thing has. Well done and a big TIP O THE HAT. Haven’t quit smilin yet. YOU ROCK!!!

  23. Vratislav Klemera says:

    Hi Sheldon and Bill, I have AB2 fretless No:4236 the certificate says No6 of 12. I wonder if it is from the same run? would like to leaen a bit more of it’s history since I bought it second hand in rather a sorry state,but after a serious surgery it plays great and with LaBella nylon wound 760N strings it causes quite a stir whenever I play it. It seems to fit even in songs where is not supposed to, so I have been playing it rather a lot lately. How about a piezzo as in Rick Turners bass Sheldon? I would be very interested in trying a piezzo bridge.Great instrument as all the Dingwalls!

  24. sheldon says:

    Hi Vratislav, That bass was a special run for a Dealership in Denver, CO USA. It was completed on 01/12/2010. Really glad you’re liking it. We have to give those LaBella’s a try.

  25. Vratislav Klemera says:

    Thanks for your reply Sheldon,
    it is nice to find a bit about the history of a musical instrument. You can see and hear the bass on the Bass Direct you tube channel it is in the section of different strings on a Dingwall and all my bases are there with all other strings than yours (apart from a blue AB1 with your F sharp set), since we know your strings work great, but people want to know what other strings fit and how they sound. Your basses are amazing achievement of an art sound engineering principles and a great craft! Once one lays hands on one, that’s it, very addictive, but it is a very pleasant addiction!

  26. Peter says:

    I have played on many basses over the last 28 years of playing, everything from Warwick, MusicMan, Lakland, Fender and many other. Now all I play is my ABII/6 and my Super J 4 string. Nothing comes close. Tone heaven and playability that nothing can match. Worth every cent.

  27. Johan Worst says:

    Hi Sheldon and all of your incredible craft folks at Dingwall.
    Just picked up my ABII at L&M yesterday and spent all night playing it. It’s as wonderful as I thought it would be. The woods are beautiful and finished with expert care. The bass plays and feels superb! A great big thanks to all of you!

  28. sheldon says:

    Thank you Johan!

  29. Chris says:

    Hi Sheldon and Team,

    first off, I wish you a happy and successful 2017!

    I just wanted to share my excitement about my new AB-II 5/3x (#5314)! Got it from Bass Direct in the UK. I understand the bass was a custom order by Bass Direct.

    What a great instrument! All the custom options are exactly what I was looking for: the colour, the wenge/wenge neck, 3 pickups, passive electronics. Perfect!

    Anyway, there’s one thing I’d like to ask:
    I really like the tight sound the bridge and middle pickup combination delivers, only the increase in volume bothers me a little bit. Do you offer a rotary pickup selector where position 2 wires the bridge/middle pickups in parallel instead of series?

    Best regards,

  30. sheldon says:

    I’m sorry we don’t Chris. You would have to have a switch custom wired for that option.

  31. Frank says:

    Hi, can’t find the prices. I am interested in an Afterburner II? Would you ship to Germany? How long would be delivery time and shipping cost. Thanks, frank

  32. sheldon says:

    You will need to get prices and order from one of our German dealers. http://www.dingwallguitars.com/purchase/dealers/

  33. Afonso says:

    Bought a second hand 10 year-old ABII. I understand some spec changes might have been made to the model since then, but oh my lord is it a good bass! The 2 pickup option with a 2 band preamp and mid-boost switch offers a variety of on-board tone options (my favourite being the humbucker setting) and so far the ABII sounded amazing in Jazz, Funk and Prog gigs as well as any kind of jam session. Definitely worth every penny.