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With the ABI we set out to create the ultimate passive bass. It’s lightweight and perfectly balanced. On stage or in the studio, perfect tone is as simple as plugging in and playing. See the AB1 options page above to customize this bass.

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  1. Jeff Roller says:

    My introduction to Dingwall. I lovingly played this bass for almost two years before upgrading to a Z3. I still play it on occasion though, the passive electronics are the loudest I’ve ever heard, the ergonomics and playability of the fanned frets sold me within 5 minutes of playing it. If I had to choose one bass to go through the rest of my life with it would be the AB1 because of versatility and no upkeep.

  2. I always played on fender then moved to lakland.
    but in the studio recording the new album i was been introduced to Dingwall i was stunned the sound was better deeper greater and i needed a new bass. so i bought two of them. after the recording everybody was very pleased about the new sound.

    Thanx for building great bass guitars.

    Cheers Dave (NL)

  3. Ever since I first saw a Dingwall I’ve wanted one. Having played many 6 string basses and all active too, I was intrigued to get my hands on an AB1 6 string and quite frankly, I’m am totally blown away. I have genuinely been after just one bass that will suit me for all my needs and after many years, I have found it. I can’t wait to use it on the next album and on the next tour. Thank you Dingwall and no, you can’t have it back.



  4. segun says:

    The sound and the is just too fantastique

  5. Chris says:

    Sound, playability, weight, look – the AB-I is just perfect for me in every way.

  6. Mike says:

    I’ve been playing an ABI five string for six years now–it’s the only bass I play, it does absolutely everything I want. Passive is my preference: means no headaches or overcomplications. My amp has a preamp–why do I need two? The sound is versatile and varied enough to cop just about any tone I need. It’s light, it balances perfectly, it’s comfortable and easy to play. I sold all my other basses and haven’t been shopping for a bass since the Dingwall came through the door

  7. John says:

    I’ve had my AB-1 since 2003 and it still looks like new.

    Just played a show on Friday and right in the middle of my soundcheck, the sound engineer’s voice comes over the monitors saying “Jeezus that bass sounds great!”

    Thank you Sheldon & team for building such amazing instruments and for the unequaled support you provide those of us lucky enough to play them.

  8. Alan C Welle Jr says:

    WOW!! What a bass, my afterburner1 is amazing. I recorded an album with it straight thru an avolon U5 into a DBX 160 into the board and the sound was amazing. The tension on the B string is so tight, it is a pleasure to play. Plus I love it when people come up after a show and are just amazed at the slanted frets. LOL.

  9. I have had my Dingwall for almost 12 years – It is amazing, best investment I ever made – I will never own another bass!

  10. joebar says:

    i bought a used AB1 i nmint condition around a month ago.
    ended up falling in love with the styling, low weight and the ergonomics of the neck… a great fit even for my small hands.
    this could very well make my other basses obsolete; they don`t get played.
    superb craftsmanship wonderful playability.

  11. joebar says:

    i have carpal tunnel issues and inflammation in my forearms and this bass and the way it is designed is actually easier to play with my injured condition. a more natural fretting position, even tension, flexibility in the strings.
    for those reasons alone i love playing the ding.
    i am saving up for a sixer…

  12. I’ve been playing my Dingwall AB 1 – 6 string for a couple of months now. Really cannot compare to any of the basses I have owned over the last 20 + years in terms of build, design and quality. Thank you, Sheldon!!!

  13. joebar says:

    just picked up my third DW-an Afterburner 1 6 string.
    very light and beautifully finished in trans blackburst.
    very playable and sounds great.

  14. Carl Stanley says:

    I’ve had a AB1 6 string for 4 years now, and I have to say it is a great bass – I also have a Pedulla thunderbuzz 6 fretless and an Alemic Essense 5, and the one I pick up the most is the AB1 – its an incredibly easy bass to play, and the pickups really do sound good – I play through a Avalon U5 as well Even though I was never a fan of either passive pickups or bolt on necks before this bass I am now.

  15. Dustin Colyer says:

    I gigged with my AB1 for the first time this weekend. What an amazing bass. I haven’t had a passive bass in years and I don’t miss active basses at all, it is so easy to dial in the tone that I want. The playability, fit and finish on this bass is top-notch. I am in love with this bass. Hence I am selling all of my other basses…

  16. Rindra Noor says:

    I have had AB 1 since 2003..and i have to say it is very beautifull bass,with awesome and powerfull pasive sound,not weighty,nice playability and it built like a tank :) …i have many bass,but this is my beloved one…fantastique job Dingwall!

  17. Sheldon Smith says:

    I’ve been playing my AB1 5 for several years now quite simply it’s the finest “workhorse” you can buy…period. The basses fit and finish are second to none and the tone well… It’s the best, punchy articulate and NEVER muddy. Say goodbye to bad tone days. I run mine thru a sansamp di and have had many soundmen tell me my live tone is amazing!!! I’ve also recorded a number of times and the engineers just always seem to smile and knod when they hear the bass in the mix. Last but not least the B string is what has always set Sheldon’s basses apart consistent tension across all strings. Play what you want, I did on a trip to Florida at Bass Central and guess what I kept going back to, best part was my wife said … Get what you want I don’t care how much I’m just tired of you buying and selling basses. Ask me how many basses I have now ?? My baby , only trouble is I want a Prima ,Super J , Super P, Z3 and probably more and in every colour and wood combo Sheldon makes. These basses are the finest …. End of story.

  18. Joe Cosas says:

    I’ve had my AB1 for about 4 years and I absolutely love it. I like that it looks different and all the musicians that I play with ask about the instrument. The intonation on the E string in the low ranges is consistent, accurate and reliable due to the extra scale given on that string. I like that the bass is super light and I have a lot of endurance playing it. Double tapping in the extreme ranges feels a little weird at first but it becomes easy after you do it a couple times. I love how much output the bass has. Also love the flamed maple top and the fact that it looks a cool black/purple/grey all at the same time!

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