Bass of the Month – the wildest Afterburner yet! - December 6, 2012

This bass is currently in the air on it’s way to our longtime friend and endorser Hank Insell. We haven’t’ done a lot of red basses in quite a while but after seeing this one, I’m thinking we should make them all red.  ”no you don’t want black, trust me, you really want red” … we’ll see. Comments appreciated.

This AB1 6-string features a maple fingerboard with red pearloid blocks and D, a bleached, dyed and tinted maple burlburst top and a 2-band Glockenklang pre. It’s perfect for the high-end shows Hank is doing these days. If I tried to describe them, you wouldn’t believe me so I’ve included a couple photos of one of his shows to see what I mean. Rock on Hank!



  1. wayne walker says:

    Now THAT is an amazing looking bass!!! The cool thing about Dingwall basses… They SOUND as good as they LOOK!!! Another amazing creation from Sheldon and the fellas of Dingwall!!!

  2. Andrew P says:

    Dang Sheldon…. that’s beautiful. The close-up of the bridge/pick ups just blows me away. The figure in the wood looks just wicked. It looks like it is actually textured. I just gotta win the lottery so I can buy myself one (and a 5 string SuperJ – fretless please. And an ABII. And a custom 2 guitar…..)

  3. Mark says:

    You truly make bass dreams come true, Sheldon. Amazing.

  4. Coming from a lover of everything red, I really like the color combinations on this bass, I would say the burlbust body works well with that red tone and also a big plus on the red D on the headstock. I just hope those red block inlays will grow on me in the near future, because they are a little in your face, and perhaps a vintage mother of pearl would have blended better in the maple fretboard, but… each to his own and once again GREAT work from Sheldon & Co. and yes lets make all basses red!!

  5. Jorgen says:

    Good idea to make them all red.

  6. BuffaloBob says:

    Hey Sheldon,

    I would let you make me a 4 string Super P with a red body just like this one! BEM board and drop D tuner!! Just sayin! :>)

  7. Giancarlo says:

    I want one of those :) In a long time I’ve been looking for a 6 stringer and haven’t stopped my eyes until this one … IT beautiful!!!


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