Bass of the Month – Super J4 in Chrome Blue with Matching Headstock - May 18, 2012

This one we knew was going to be cool but it still caught us off guard. Chrome blue is a flashy color for sure but somehow there’s still a nice balance of bling and sublime on this one. What do you think? Did we go too far or not far enough on this one?SJ4S Chrome blue PF MH full e


  1. Ken says:

    This appeals with a perfect balance. A perfect tool for the sound mason. Not too much hammer to swing, but enough to confirm you know your trade. I want it.

  2. singlemalt says:

    Killer color!

    Gives it a great retro look, like a custom painted hot rod.

    Ever try ghost flames?

  3. Jolar says:

    Perfect! From a a visual standpoint I’ve always thought that dark fretboards demanded colour matched headstocks. The overall look just seems more unified to me. The white scallop in the headstock matches the white pick guard and the fret markers connect the two beautifully. Definitely an eye catcher. Functional Art with the emphasis on Art.


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