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Our goal is simple: We want to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up every time you play a Dingwall

For our team of craftspeople, building instruments is the most fascinating and fulfilling experience imaginable. It is the meeting place between the technical world of physics and engineering and the emotional world of soul and passion. Instruments from centuries ago are today still cherished, passed on from generation to generation. We believe that the instruments we build will share the same legacy. Because of this, we build every instrument with passion and reverence.

Latest Dingwall Guitars Updates

Voodoo Saddle V4 - March 28, 2014

We got our pilot run of the new Version 4 Voodoo Saddles back from anodizing today. We’ve removed the pin system and went with a simple cup to hold the ball end, smoothed and rounded the surfaces but left the texture as close to “off the machine” as possible to preserve the mechanical bespoke look. The first sets will ship to Tokyo next week and will be installed on all Z-series and Prima Artist basses going forward.

Voodoo Saddle V4 photo 4 e Voodoo Saddle V4 photo 3 e

The London Bass Guitar Show 2014 – March 1st and 2nd @ Olympia Conference Center, London, UK. - February 25, 2014

The London Bass Guitar Show keeps getting better. This year is going to be off the hook. I’ll be at the Bass Direct booth with the new NG-2, Afterburner HS and Super J 3x among others. Nolly will be there signing autographs and showing what the new NG-2 can do. If  that’s not enough, the great Lee Sklar, John Taylor (Duran Duran), Roger Glover (Deep Purple), Frank Bello (Anthrax), Mo Foster, Yolanda Charles, Jeff Berlin, Steve Lawson and many more will be at the show presenting master classes and doing demos. I would like to invite all fans of bass to drop by, say hello and try some dream basses. I’d love to meet you, hear your story and answer any questions you may have.

Sheldon Dingwall

London bass guitar show

NAMM preview #5 the Adam “Nolly” Getgood Signature model - January 16, 2014

Nolly’s been touring and recording with his two Combustions for a couple of years now. He’s been giving his custom AB6 plenty of live and recording testing too. The result is a combination of what he likes best of both models. The NG-2 will be debuting at NAMM with production already begun.

NG2 Ferrari Green Dark Glass Maple full e NG2 Ferrari Green headstock closeup e NG2 Ferrari Green body angle 1 e NG2 Ferrari Green pickguard closeup e

NAMM 2014 preview #3 - January 14, 2014

We spent a lot of time working out the exact bridge pickup and location on the new Super PJ. We were able to dial in one of the best PJ tones we’ve ever heard – zero compromise.

SP5PJ Sonic Blueburst White pearloid Pau Ferro e SP4PJ Ash Transparent White Birdseye maple e


NAMM 2014 preview 2 - January 9, 2014

The first SJ5 3x has lived up to our expectations. All the tone capabilities of a Z3 in an SJ package.

SJ5 3x 3band Black Cherry wenge wenge Matching headstock e